Play by post anyone?


[@Nivek, you can crawl around a bit but doing anything significant is probably impossible. If you had a healing potion you could drink it. Casting a spell is not possible. Does that make sense?]


I knew I should have picked up that healing potion from the market the other day, Mehrfin thinks.


[If Hykon makes the DEX or STR check to break grapple, does he still need to make the HARD DEF save?]


[I shouldn’t have deleted my PDF of the stuff we got off the cart. Now I can’t remember if I ate the gar or the stew or drank the Brawndo and it’s about a billion posts ago fml]


[I’ve got it: 1 water ration, 1 ration of food, and 1 ration of Ealish Gar. Even have the stats for it all if/when you use it.]


[that’s why they call you GaryD20! Wildcard, baby!]


[oh, never mind. You just don’t know if you used it yet or not. That I can’t help you with.]


[ope! Do they say “ope” where you are from Smittumi?]


[We getting our arses kicked yo!]


(The math is against us. Tis what tis. Let’s at least try to take the leader with us.)


[yes but to what should we dedicate the fight?]


[Durhadda, of course!]


[@GaryD20, no your right!]


[Right? Which way? Have to make both a DEX or STR SAVE and a hard DEF? Or if I make the DEX or STR SAVE I don’t to make the HARD DEF Save? Or I still do have to make the HARD DEF?]


[@GaryD20, you can pick whether you want to use DEX or STR to escape. If you succeed you don’t need to make the DEFENCE roll against the crushing damage]


STR 16+1= 17 ( to break grapple)

If that doesn’t succeed then:
DEF 18 +7=25

So, either Hykon doesn’t break the grapple and get away from the snow orc, in which case:

Hykon cries out as the snow orc bear hugs him, crushing ribs in it’s mighty arms (7 damage noted).


Hykon manages to break free of the snow orcs crushing arms and runs to Mehrfin, laying a hand onto the wounded Torton and reciting a small prayer: HEALING TOUCH WIS 14+2=16 / EFFORT 6+2=8


Mehrfin is down. Hykon is still grappled but takes no crushing damage (as he failed the STR check but made the DEF check). Muel is down. Quildrum’s spikes hit Greystone.

Greystone turns to Quildrum and through gritted teeth mutters “Now to end this.” He makes three attacks. Quildrum needs to make three hard DEF saves or take 7, 3 and 8 damage.

Yag continues to form a new portal, and now reaches out with telekinetic power and begins to move the lens closer to the opening portal. Lastly he fights to maintain the dimension,but struggles somewhat.

The Orc Warlord seems torn between crushing Hykon or stopping the lens. “Greystone, the Lens is a threat. You must destroy it!” He shouts through his tusks. While still holding Hykon in a vice like wrestling hold he pushes with his free foot and begins edging his way towards the lens.

Greystone 9/30HP (Hard to hit, max 3 actions)

Snow Orc Warlord 24/30HP (Hard to hit, max 3 actions)

Yag the Wraith 30/30HP (Hard to hit, immune to non-magic attacks, max 3 actions).

Lens @ 13/50HP

Dimension @ 4/10HP

Timer turns to 2 as Yag uses one of his actions to continue opening a gate.

Target 15

What do you do?


STR 12+1=13 (to break grapple)

Hykon struggles against the vice like arms of the snow orc but is still unable to break their grasp.

“Aarrgghh!!” Hykon cries out in frustration.


[I’m rolling like shite!! Sorry fellas.]


With Quildrum barely dodging Greystones attacks, he lunges at Greystone and YELLS… "FOR DURHADDA!! "