Play by post anyone?


DEX 12+1=13 (Uh!)

As Hykon is about to bring his HEALING TOUCH to Mehrfin, the snow orc grabs him from behind and takes the Torton to the ground.



[Can Hykon attack while grappled? I forget. I believe he can??]


QUILDRUM feels something as he can’t resist the magic but is able to side step the spear with his last bit of strength he has.


So if Quildrum is caught n a hex he can’t attack correct sir?


[Oh snap you guys have been busy! I’ve been checking back regularly to make sure I’m not missing notifications again]


(Muel gets a 13 and an 11 DEF result)
He softly crumples under the magical attack


[@Nivek, yes that’s correct. You need to pass a CON save, or an ally can staunch your wounds with DEX or anything else you can think of. You rolled a 4 for your timer? Well done]


[@GaryD20, if you want to hurt the Orc you can roll, yeah. Basic effort for damage unless you think you can pull a little dagger or something. Or try to break out of the grapple (with DEX or STR). I don’t think casting will be possible though]


[@Condorthegreat, all hexes are different, the effect of this one isn’t clear to you yet!]


[Yeah. My dice roller’s been pretty kind to me for this game. Thanks.]

Mehrfin, barely conscious, wills himself to stop bleeding. [Con 7+3=10 Spoke too soon] His body doesn’t seem to want to obey. [DC 3]


Quildrum attempts to lunge at Greystone while he still can .MAYBE HIS LAST TIME


STR (to break grapple): 14+1=15

[Is this a HARD save? To break the snow orcs grapple? Or just a regular save?]


[@GaryD20, hard in afraid]


Ok, well then…

Hykon tries to break free of the snow orcs grip but is unable to escape the vice like grip.



[Is the crabby out here in this dimension with us? If so, what’s it doing?]


[@GaryD20, the keys, including crabby, got turned into the pillars, one of them is floating off into space unless someone can stop it]


Mehrfin is down. Hykon gets tackled. Muel goes down. Quildrum manages to strike Greystone again.

Here’s how things stand:

Lens @ 13/50HP

Dimension @ 5/10HP

Timer turn to 0 as the tall pillar vanishes off into the infinite void.

Greystone 10/30HP (Hard to hit, max 3 actions)

Snow Orc Warlord 24/30HP (Hard to hit, max 3 actions)

Yag the Wraith 30/30HP (Hard to hit, immune to non-magic attacks, max 3 actions)

Greystone puts his hand to the green elvish blood of his wounds, he tastes it and a look of disbelief and anger crosses his sharp features. “You drew my blood, you ANIMAL!” He lunges with his spear at Quildrum. [Make a hard defence save or take 4 damage].

As he attacks Quildrum Greystone shouts orders to his two lieutenants. “Save the lens you fool!”

Yag points to the two remaining pillars and in a rasping voice says “Almost impossible without the third key, my lord”. “Then open a gate” says Greystone “We’ll take the lens with us”.

Yag weaves his clawed hands around and a portal doorway begins to open.

Timer 3

The Orc continues to wrestle Hykon [Make a hard DEX or STR roll to break out of the grapple]
He tries to break ribs and dislocate bones. [Make a hard defence save or take 7 damage]

The Orc shouts over to Greystone “We should destroy the lens”.

“No!” He replies. “Yag, keep this place stable until the gate is ready.”

Yag uses his sorcery to try and prevent the dimension collapse.

[This is clutch, so I’ll take y’all through it. The dimension is at 7HP, it’ll degrade d8, Yag needs to make his own INT roll to heal it d10.

Yag misses the INT roll! (2+3=5). The dimension crumbles (5) to 2HP!

Yag uses his third action to try again to repair the dimension. He makes the INT roll and heals it back up to 7HP.

Timer 3

Target 15

What do you do?


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DEF: 19+4=23
Quildrum sidestepped the attack and slashes at Greystone again.
“I’ll kill you, you traitor!”


(Con 15+2=17)

I stop bleeding out.

(Am I able to act, or do I still need to be healed? Thanks)