Play by post anyone?


[Ok, just for some clarification… The lens still isn’t fully restored yet, correct? And we need to keep the dimension open until it is, correct? So, Duke Greydork can’t take it until it has been restored, correct?]


[Def 20+6=26 Mastery 7]

[@Smittumi … with a nat 20, can I use a spell as a defensive action? I’m thinking trying to portal the snow orc into the poisonous bulbs, assuming that works within the rules of the world. If I can’t fire off two spells in one round it makes more sense to conserve that spell for dimensional repair. Let me know. Thanks. ]


[@AbbenWisson, roll defence for it]


[@GaryD20, yeah it seems like he cuurently plans to kill you and finish repairing the lens himself. He’s just chatting villain shit!]


[@Nivek, as its a nat20 I’ll allow you to attempt that on this occasion. He’ll be HARD to teleport as he’s a tough and cunning enemy.]


[Int 13+3+MR 2=18 ME 7+5=12]

[If permitted, attempts to also repair dimension … Int 7+3+MR 5=15 (MR now at 0) ME 1+5=6]


Hykon attempts one of two things.

If Merf is allowed to also repair the dimension, then Hykon does this…

As the two forms exit out of the Yag’s portal, Hykon focuses his attention on them.

He wills himself up into the air, summoning ATOMIC PALM. Dropping back to the ground he slaps his hand down and… Nothing.

WIS 8+2=10


If Merf isn’t allowed to also repair the dimension, then Hykon will try to with the REPAIR POCKET DIMENSION spell…

WIS 16+2=18 / EFFORT 9+2=11


[Muel get an 11, uses his Hero Coin and rerolls a Nat 1☠️, he’ll take the DMG, 10/20❤️)


Quildrum takes a hit for 5damage, but with my Duranium signet I get to ignore 1d4 if damage during battle
1d4: 3. Quildrum only takes 2damage and now he’s swings mighty at his foe


Dimension @ 10/10HP

Lens @ 17/50HP

Timer turns to 2

Target 15

Amidst the fighting Mehrfin begins to open a Doorway to drop Snow Orc into the underground dungeon. But Yag reaches out a clawed hand and the door closes. “I think not, you hedge Wizard!” [But this counter spell cost him an action].

Quildrum’s spikes cut into Lord Greystone [27/30HP].

Yag let’s out a piercing scream that echoes through this place [All make hard CON saves or your next action is hard]. He then flies high across the battlefield to steal life from Quildrum [**Hard defence save or take 8 damage].

Greystone counterattacks Quildrum, spinning and almost dancing with the spear. [Make another three hard defence saves or take
2, 3 and 7 damage

The hulking snow orc turns suddenly and pulls a javelin from its quiver and hurls it at Muel [Hard defence or take 9 damage]. It returns its attention to Mehrfin and swings the axe in a flurry of attacks [Hard defence save or take 10 damage].

Finally, through its tusked mouth it bellows “We should destroy this thing while we have the chance!” And takes a swipe at the lens! Doing it 2 damage.

The dimension crumbles 3 points.

Timer 2

Lens 15/50HP

Dimension 7/10HP

Target 15

What do you do?


[Muel rolls a modified 15 CON and a modified 17 DEF, he safe…]


Muel takes a running stab at the Snow Orc, he’s pissed!
Ooooooof, Muel rolls a modified STR check of 6, yowza!
Back up to 4/5 Hero Points
O/1 Hero Coin
10/20 HP
O/1 bubblegum
0/1 kicking ass


More like licking ass. A 6? C’mon maaaaan…


“Hedge wizard!” Mehrfin exclaims. [Con 18+2=20] He’s so offended he doesn’t even notice the Yag screaming.

[Int 9+3=12] Mehrfin fires off a blast at the Yag with his Destroy crystal but misses horribly.

[Def 4+6=10 Dmg 10] Mehrfin looks around for a better place to fire from when he’s struck down by the snow orc’s axe. [HP 0/10. DC 4/4]


CON: 19+1=20
Hard DEF: 15+4=19
Quildrum steps to the side from the Yag.
DEF#1: 11+3=14
DEF#2: 20+4=24
DEF#3: 10+4=14
1D4: 2 Quildrum gets pierced once evades the second and takes a nasty slash on the next twirl from Greaysone. Takes 7damage. Staggering Quildrum lunges at Greystone with one last gasp.


[I laughed so hard at this! Hahahahaha]
(Oh crap just saw you went down. You’re in good company!)


CON Save: 18+1=19

Hykon turns his attention to the snow orc. “The lens!” He cries and fires off a shot with the Greenbow.

17+1=18 (finally) / EFFORT 4+2=6


Mehrfin hit the snow orc warlord, and Quildrum hit Greystone. Here’s how things stand after your turns.

Lens @ 13/50HP

Dimension @ 7/10HP

Timer 2

Greystone 19/30HP (Hard to hit, 3 actions)

Snow Orc Warlord 24/30HP (Hard to hit, 3 actions)

Yag the Wraith 30/30HP (Hard to hit, immune to non-magic attacks, 3 actions)

Greystone draws a silky black smoke from his fingers, weaving a pattern in the air with one hand while weilding his spear in the other. Quildrum make a hard WIS save to resist this elvish hex. Greystone attacks once with the spear Quildrum make a hard defence save or take 2 damage. Finally, he turns and leaps away, landing a flying kick nthe tallest pillar (rolls Nat 20) and knocks it over the edge of the ground and it begins slowly floating off into space.

The snow orc warlord runs up to Hykon “DARE TO SHOOT AT ME?!” and tries to grapple him to the ground. Hykon make a HARD DEX save or you’re grappled.

Yag swoops down at Muel, slashing with two claws (Two Hard defence saves or take 10 and 4 damage). Then, if Muel has any HP remaining Yag gazes into Muel’s eyes and tries to hypnotise him (make a hard INT save to avoid this invasion of your mind).

The dimension crumbles to 5/10HP.

Timer turns to 1

Target 15

What do you do?


[Just for Hykons information (for potential healing)… How’s everyones hit points looking?]


[Mehrfin is down. Right at 0. @Smittumi … if I remember correctly, keeping from bleeding out is a Con save, correct, but that still need to be healed before can act again? Thanks]