Play by post anyone?


He is! (20 characters)


Easy DEF roll: 12+4=16
Hard DEF ROLL: 17+4=21
Quildrum dodges both attacks and readies for another strike.
Quildrum sheaths his word and grabs his double headed javalin and throws it at the tag.
ATTACK: 19+1=20


Mehrfin whips out his destroy crystal and fires off a shot at the Yag creature.

[Int 16+3=19]
[ME 10+5=15]
[Def 14+6=20]


[Is Morvi still with us? And what of the dwarves that were guarding the portal? They still here to?]


While this Yag is attacking Muel and Quil, Hykon draws his Greenbow and fires off a shot at said Yag while its distracted.

STR 16+1=17 / EFFORT 6+1=7


[@GaryD20, You don’t have Morvi or the Dwarves. This pocket dimension does not have an exit doorway. If it collapses you’ll be teleported back to the lighthouse]


[@AbbenWisson, give me a normal DEX check with a d8 effort roll (but add your basic effort bonus), to see if you can manoeuvre the 8 foot pillar]


[I rolled a 12 for my DEX and a 10 effort]


[I’m sorry to hear about the Queen, Smittumi. I’m glued to my TV like I haven’t been in a long time.]


[I’m a republican (small ‘r’), but that’s really thoughtful of you mate! How kind of you to think of us. My mate Kenny is a royalist and he’s gutted tonight. Weird to think we have a king now. Lol. Hopefully he follows through on his plan to cut the cost of the Head of State.]


[I REALLY wanted to qualify my condolences with my own political feelings about the Monarchy but prudence and all that. I’m glad we’re on the same page haha. Best wishes.]


Quildrum’s javelin hits Yag in the stomach and he winces backwards through the air.

Arcane energy from Mehrfin’s crystal also hits home against the wraith.

Hykon’s shot unfortunately goes slightly wide [Yag is HARD to hit].

Muel just manages to fire up the pillar and further repair the lens [it’s an EASY dex]

The ground continues to crack and destabilise under your feet.

[Timer 1, Lens @ 17/50, Dimension @ 2HP]

The zombie horde, partially restored by Yag, grasps and claws at Quildrum [Quildrum, make an EASY Defence roll or take 9 damage from the remaining six zombies]

Yag rises again and continues forcing open his own portal. Then he reaches out with both hands aimed at Mehrfin, necromantic force pulls the very life from the Torton and into himself [Mehrfin, make two HARD Defence saves, one to save from 4 damage and the second to save from 11 damage].

Target 15

What do you do?


Easy save roll:15+4=4=19
Quildrum grabs his sword from the sheath as he invades the six zombies and slashes at them with a mighty swing
EFFORT:4+3+(5)= 12 … (ULTIMATE)
(NAT 20 BABY!)


Mehrfin defends himself against the creepy dude trying to manhandle him. [Def 8+6=14 Def 16+6=21]

Mehrfin is successfully manhandled by the Yag, but is able to wiggle his way free before feeling completely violated. [HP 6/10 K 3/5]

Backing up and seeing the dimension degrade, he casts repair on it again [Int 18+3=21 ME 3+5=8]


[Some bookeeping: that last miss gave Hykon 4/5 on the HERO COIN count.]

As Mehrfin steps back from the Yag, Hykon takes aim once more with the GREENBOW and fires off a shot.

DEX 1+1=2 (good gracious)

“Argh!!!” Hykon cries out in bewilderment as his shot flies wide, VERY wide, missing the Yag once again. “By the Gods!!!”

[That makes 5/5 though for a HERO COIN. So, there’s that at least…]


Muel will run to where Quildrum is battling the zombies and join the fray!
He slashes at the zombies with his spear
STR 14+3 for a 17 and 5+2 for 7 Weapons Effort against the nearly departed


[feels so goooooooooood lmao Nat 20 characters]


Quildrum and Muel make short work of the last of the zombies, hacking them to pieces.

Mehrfin manages to restore the dimension to its full strength [10/10HP]

Hykon unfortunately misses with his Greenbow.

[Timer to 0]

With a cry Yag forces open the portal he was forming and two figures come charging out of the blackness beyond.

The first is a middele-aged but strong looking Elf, in the finest and most elaborate armour any of you have ever seen. His armour is the colour of Jade, and his white cloak bears an Elven glyph you all recognise. This is Duke Greystone, armed with a perfectly crafted Elven spear.

He points at you all, and says in a heavily accented voice “Thank you for restoring my lens, I’ll take it from here.”

The second is a huge hulking figure, so massive that at first you almost take it for a troll, until you notice the inch thick iron plates riveted to its limbs and body. A truly massive snow orc armed with a brutal looking axe.

Yag exhales (a sound like brittle paper) and once again attempts to steal life from his enemies. Muel, make two HARD DEFENCE rolls to avoid 11 and 17 damage.

Greystone points to Quildrum with his spear “Let’s begin” and he charges. Quildrum, make three HARD DEFENCE saves to avoid 5, 5 and 5 damage.

The snow orc jumps up the lens and pounds towards Mehfin, swinging its axe. Mehrfin make a Difficult Defence save or suffer 10 damage.

He then smashes the ground around Mehrfin, creating a patch of broken ground that will need a DEX check to escape.

Finally, the dimension crumbles to 6 HP.

Target 15
Timer 4

What do you do?


[Hell yes, rolled a 14 and a 15, both +7 for defense for 21 and 22]
Muel will use his action to use his ability of Intervention to intercept the blow headed towards Mehrfin.
(Not sure if I roll to defend or just take the DMG?)


[Dang!! You mad at us Smittumi?? Whatever it is, it’s Quil’s fault. You know how pit fighters are.]