Play by post anyone?


Hykon studies the runes covering the pillars to see if he can decipher their meaning. [Might give us a clue as to what we need to do here.]

WIS 19+2=21


It looks to Hykon like the runes can be pressed to activate the pillar, and that the pillar can be swivelled on the spot to direct its facing.

It won’t need a magic-user to do it.


Mehrfin stores some more energy into his ring, preparing himself to do some “Pocket Dimensional Healing.” [1]


[@Smittumi … the repair spell, is it ME based so I can add my effort bonus to it, or is it just the 1d10? Thanks.]


[@Nivek, ME based]

20 characters.


" Hykon of Merf, Is there anything I can do to help my friends?"


[I really loved this moment BTW! I can totally picture Hykon leading the crabby and the rest of the crew watching!]


Muel approaches the 4-foot pillar and presses his palms against the rune on it…
“Here goes nothing!”
(He’s going to try to move the pillar)


[Sorry for the delayed responses gentlemen, for some reason I didn’t read carefully and thought it was only Hykon and Mehrfin in the pocket dimension and Quil and I were still drinking beers and banging hooahs:laughing:]
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Under Hykon’s direction Muel presses the runes on the four foot pillar. A beam of healing sunlight fires from the middle of the pillar and strikes the lens.

By moving the pillar Muel is able to angle the beam to hit the cracks in the lens.

[The lens is at 3HP out of 50]

[@AbbenWisson, Muel, the give me a DEX + BASIC EFFORT roll]

Timer hits 0

The air to one side of the area shivers and space splits. Suddenly, a portal opens and the undead form the wraith Yag emerges. He points at Quildrum and Mehrfin and in his broken whispering screech say “The thieves! You broke into my house! I found you!”

With that Yag gestures and a second portal opens. Beyond it is the forest where you first fought the spider and where Mehrfin teleported a group of zombies.

Those same zombies now come shambling out of the portal towards the heroes.

Also, the ground cracks and splits as the pocket dimension destabilises. [Pocket dimension suffers 7 damage and is now at 3HP].

Target 15

Timer 3

What do you do?


[oh my God d4 rolls make me nervous!]
4! :grinning:


Muel uses the beam and heals the lens a little. [It’s now at 7/50HP].


“We are all going to die.”
Mehrfin casts repair dimension [Int 20 ME 8 Def 26 (Nat 20 on Def)]


Quildrum grabs his sword and shield … " Well dammit man! It’s time to kill these hell spawn monsters!" “DIE YOU BASTARDS FROM HELL!”"


16 Dex+3 effort (20 characters)
[Oh dang just saw the edit]


Spinning around, Hykon sees the zombies come shambling out of the portal. He wills himself up into the air, summoning ATOMIC PALM. Hykon drops back to the earth and slaps his hand on the ground, creating a seismic burst that races across the ground toward the zombies.

WIS 18+2=20 / EFFORT 8+2=10


Mehrfin’s repair spell seals the cracks in the ground as they appear.

Muel’s activation of the shorter healing pillar continues.

Quildrum charges the nearest of the two zombie hordes and hacks into them, chopping into limbs, bodies, and heads. He kills most of them.

Hykon’s spell slams into the further away horde, blasting them apart and wiping them out.

The ground trembles again [suffering 1 degradation]

[Timer goes to 2]
[Lens @ 7/50HP]
[Dimension @ 9/10HP]

Yag floats above the group and let’s out a chuckle. “ARISE, you faithful dead!” he screams and three of the zombies Quildrum felled return to unlife and attack him. Quildrum make an EASY Defence save or take 7 damage

Yag gestures again and a new portal begins to open, but slower than the last.

Finally, he swoops down and rakes Muel and Quildrum for 2 damage with long talon-like fingers. Both make hard defence saves


[ayyy Nat 20! Haha alright!]
Is Muel able to leave the 4ft pillar and move on to the 8ft pillar? I’d like to have him do that if he can.


Or is he, like, “manning” it as it were?


[Muel can move no problem. Is he activating the 8 foot pillar too?]