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Mehrfin uses his create crystal to gather a bit of constructive magical energy into his palm. [Int 22 ME 11] He places it carefully on the ground near Hykon and within range of the creature as if it were food, trying to be non-threatening.


Muel hasn’t moved a muscle since the crab like guy trundled in. He’s just watching.


[You’ll have to bear with me fellas, I’m on the last bit of summer holidays.]

The crab continues to react well to Hykon. The glyph on its back changes from whatever it had said, to a Torton glyph meaning Master/Friend.

As the crab begins tottering about it gets close to Mehrfin’s crystal. As it does the crystal actually increases its power, as though energy was being pushed into it.


[No problems Smittumi. Enjoy your holiday.]


Hykon glances at the crystal and watches as it flares up. He looks over at Mehrfin and gives a look that says, “Whataya make of that?”

Turning back to the crabby, he says, “Can you understand me, little fella?” Hykon watches to see if the glyph changes and if so, what it is saying.

[Trying to establish if we can communicate with this thing. Have a dialogue, so to speak.]


It doesn’t seem to speak through the glyphs. But based on its body language it seems happy to see you.


Rising up, Hykon looks around at his companions. “What do you think? Think this is the third key?”

Turning back to his new friend, “Are you the third key we seek? Or maybe you could lead us to it?”


“Pretty neat. I’m thinking the key is enhancing the magic again. Maybe one of the keys is a repair type crystal and the other two keys power it? See if your new friend is willing to go through the portal with us to check.” [MR 4]


“It’s worth a shot,” Hykon says, nodding his head at Mehrfin’s idea.

Turning back to the crabby, Hykon says, “What do you say fella? Up for a little trip?” He begins to walk back the way they have just come, back toward the portal. He walks slowly, looking back over his shoulder, and watching to see what his newfound friend does.


The creature follows Hykon as he walks towards the portal.


“Off we go then.” Hykon says, picking up pace and heading for the portal.

“Y’all coming?” He calls back to his companions as he goes.


Muel follows, watching the crab


Mehrfin follows along, giving Hykon and the creature a wide berth. [MR 2]


Quildrum follows suit


Hykon leads crabby back to the spot where Mehrfin opened the portal.

[Assuming it is still there and open?? If so…]

Hykon glances around at his companions and gives a slight nod. He has a look on his face as if to say, “Okay, here we go,” He steps through the portal, and back into the lighthouse. Hykon motions for the dwarves to make some room and turns, awaiting the crabs entrance.


[Nice. Big update as soon as I can.]

You all make it back through and along with the living-key you’re back in town.

The prep for the ritual to fix the lense will take Hykon and Mehrfin full day. So Muel and Quildrum have got a day to do something if they wish.


"Hey Quil what kind of trouble you want to get into while the Tortons prepare the ritual? All work and no play… "


“Well my friend you say we drink and find some fair maidens to play with.” (Chuckles) “At least a drink or three of ale.”


Hykon and Mehrfin read over various tomes and journals in the library and cobble together a ritual they think will work. They think they should be able to repair the cracked lens, using the magic of the keys, from within a theoretical hyper-dimension! But it’s something neither of them have ever attempted.

Meanwhile, both Muel and his uncle observe that the cracks in the lens have grown again.

The next day at dawn the four heroes gather at the top of the lighthouse and the two magic-users perform a unique joint Doorway spell. The four heroes, the giant lens, and the three keys all fall through the portal and are teleported.

They find themselves standing on a large, roughly round, flat piece of ground (about the size of a large drinking hall), which is floating through a star filled void. This is a pocket dimension.

Lying flat in the middle of the platform is the lens, hovering about four feet off the ground.

At first it seems like the keys are missing. Then the heroes notice three rune covered pillars each at the edge of the ground, forming a triangle. One is four feet tall, one is six feet tall, and one is eight feet tall.

[This pocket dimension has 10HP but will lose d8HP per round because it’s unstable. However, Mehrfin and Hykon have a new spell: REPAIR POCKET DIMENSION - 1d10. When the pocket dimension reaches 0HP the whole party get teleported back to the lighthouse.

You’ll need to experiment around to figure out how to repair the lens before the pocket dimension fails.]

Target 15

Timer 1

What do you do?


[So, my guess is that since the crystal is currently floating at 4 ft, that we need to do something with the 4 ft rune first. Not sure if this is a spell cast or something else. Suggestions?]