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The party follows the dug out passage as it winds its north, but the party soon come to another problem.

The passage crosses over a 10 foot wide split in the floor, looking down its pitch black. It’s not clear at all how deep it is but you cannot see the bottom. If you can cross the split you can continue north.

As you’re stood next to this hazard you all hear a noise behind you, a clicking scraping noise that echoes down the passageway.

What do you do?


[Muel takes up a defensive stance in the direction of the sounds, shield and spear ready]
“We could each tie ourselves off 20 feet apart on a couple of ropes and then take turns trying to make the 10 foot jump while the others brace in case of a fall. That is,if we can make the jump in the first place…”


I should have cast the float spell in the presence of the magic key, Mehrfin thinks. Then we could all be flying right now.


Quildrum grabs his shield and double headed spear in defense with muel. " Thats a pretty long jump there my friend!"


Mehrfin breaks out his create crystal and begins the process of generating a bridge across the chasm. [8+3+MR5=16. ME 5+5=10]


"Yeah my friend… "


Mehrfin’s Bridge quickly extends across the gap, it looks stable enough for one person to cross at a time. (Of course he can cast again to make the bridge wider).

The heavy clicking noise approaches closer.

The fighters take up defensive stances, and are surprised when, instead of a large monster what emerges from the darkness is a crab like creature. Its shell is about the size of a dinner plate and bears a single glyph in the Torton style. Somehow its footsteps sound much louder and heavier than it should fir its size.

The creature has no claws but as it advances magical energies coalesce around it as though it is preparing spells.

Target 15

Timer 2

What do you do?


[Can Hykon make out the glyph and what it means?]

WIS 2+2=4 (guess not)


“I’m not liking this,” Hykon mutters under his breath to his companions.

He holds a hand out, towards the crab. “Easy there, little fella. Nice crabby.”


[@GaryD20, gimme an EASY CHA test]


[Muel, my friend you cross first] [I’ma wait on this side just in case Hykon needs a lil help .]


[EASY CHA CHECK: 18+2=20]


“I think the third key just found US, my friend…”
Muel looks to Mehrfin, should we run?


Mehrfin shrugs. “No idea.”


[Int 15 ME 13]

Mehrfin casts another creation spell, widening the bridge.


The crab creature bobs up and down in front of Hykon on its many legs. The spells it’s casting hold in place, neither firing off or dissipating. It seems wary but maybe hopeful.

What do you do?


“Do you think it eats magical energy?” Mehrfin asks Hykon.


Hykon, keeping his eyes on the crabby, shakes his head slowly, giving a little shrug to Mehrfin’s question.

Hykon tries once again to make out the Torton glyph on the things back.

WIS 16+2=18

Hykon drops to a knee, “Easy fella, by Mathra-hedra-phon, the Speaker of a Thousand Truths, we mean you no harm.”

Hykon moves his hand just a wee bit closer.


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