Play by post anyone?


Hykon was going through the portal to wait for the dwarves to be summoned, so they could guard the keys and portal opening while we continued to look for the remaining key. Hykon was going to wait at the opening, guarding it until the dwarves got there.


Yeah. I thought that the plan was to turn over the two keys to a safe group so we could pursue the last one without the risk of losing the keys in the dungeon the way the elves did. Not all of us need to go through the portal … we just need to secure the transfer of assets.

If we could just leave the keys at the lighthouse, that would be fine, but with that door stuck open, I’m not sure that’s an option.

Also, @Smittumi, did my guy ever develop a theory as to why the door got stuck open in the first place?


Ok my friends I’m gonna n back through the portal to find the other key. I believe we should head east I believe.


Not sure if my North South etc is accurate.


[Ayyy! Nice map homie!]


North south exits in our current room, yes. I’ve got the same map as you


Mehrfin’s observations lead him to conclude that the key’s are of Torton origin, but more than that they’re dense with magical energy. More dense than anything he ever even heard of.

Any magic cast on, or around the keys might have unpredictable effects.

Think of the keys as bending all the arcane energy near them the way black holes bend spacetime.


Muel’s uncle and a squad of armoured Lightwatch Guard rush into the room, but on seeing all of you they stand down.

“By my ancestors, what in the deep hells is going on?” Muels uncle scratches his bald head and peers at the heavy key and the portal-dorway.


Mehrfin thinks this is odd.

“Do you recognize us?”


“Of course! But why are you opening portals into the Lighthouse? And what’s that thing?” He says, pointing at the key.


Mehrfin chuckles:

“Yeah, well, that’s kind of a long story. So, as the lighthouse is breaking, we went into the caves under it looking for the keys needed to fix it. These two items are keys, we believe, so here you go. One more is still needed. We figured we’d bring them to you for safe keeping until the third one was found.”

He looks back at the portal.

“As for that, well, that’s kind of an accident. My bad really. It should fade eventually, but for now you guys have a semi-permanent portal into the caves. Congrats.”


[Muel is just standing there with a smile frozen on his face, pouring sweat and looking out of the corner of his eyes around at all his brethren.]

“Hehe, yeah, no Uncle this is for real! There’s a plot unfolding under our very noses! I’m sorry for hiding our plans up until now, but now the Pit Fighter over there (he points to a blood-soaked Quildrum) and these two Tortons are inextricably tied to the future of our Lighthouse! We have to get back in there and find the third key, we’ll send Morvi with any news if we can.”
[Or are they coming with?]


“Yeah. You guys can hang out with us if you want. Just stay away from the plants in there. They’re easily offended.”


Hykon turns and faces the portal, looking back at Quil on the other side, the dungeon side.

“For Durhadda,” he says, stepping back through the opening, joining the pit fighter.


Mehrfin nods to the dwarves. “Well, good seeing you guys.” He crawls back through the portal.


The dwarves wave you all goodbye as you return to through the portal.

Where next?


“What do you guys think? Northbound?”


Heck yeah! Let’s see what’s what to the North fellas.


Let’s go then… Why not, what’s to lose ,we just need one more


[For Durhadda!!!]