Play by post anyone?


Mehrfin is beyond shocked. “That was pretty cool Muel.” He looks over at the portal, which appears glitchy. “Anyone want to reach through there and secure the key? Or do you guys think it’s good where is?”


Hykon shakes his head and then rubs a hand across and down his face, finally recovered enough from the witch’s mind ripping departure to think straight once again.

He looks around at his companions as if seeing them for the first time. “What in the nine hells… My head feels almost as bad as Quil’s looks.”

Hykon nods his head towards the portal opening.

“Maybe we should alert the dwarves. Turn the two keys we have over to them to safeguard while we search for the third. Someone could go through and fetch them.”


Mehrfin takes out his glitchy portal crystal and evaluates it to see if it is damaged. [Int 5+3=8]


[You guys decide what you’re doing. I’m off for a couple of days camping.]


[Mehrfin’s intention in looking at the crystal was to ascertain whether or not the doorway was stable enough for them to go through. You had said that I had somehow lost control of it and I just wanted to make sure that that was the case before we went through the doorway and then trusted the dwarves with the keys.

Once both keys are in the hands of the dwarves, I would like to continue delving the dungeon to find the last key and any other loot that might be down here.]


[Yes, Hykon is with the Merfman. Also, he’ll use his healing touch on himself to get his HP back. WIS 13+2=15 / EFFORT 3+2=5. Anyone else need healing?]


Yes I need some healing sir. I’m with the turtles on this one


19+2=21 / EFFORT 2+2=4
Hykon summons HEALING TOUCH and casts it on Quil.


The portal crystal is functioning correctly, but the portal did not do well when that key passed through and now its stuck open. It should be safe for the party to pass through. The real issue is that it’s stuck open, you cannot presently dispel it.


Well crap.

What say you gents? Should we get the keys to the dwarves and have them post guards at this doorway just in case one of our ant associates decides to go through? It doesn’t hurt to have another entrance to the caves, at least until the timer runs out.


Yes, I’m with Mehrfin. Muel could handle the rounding up of the dwarves. I think he’s built up a pretty good relationship with them. Or Morvi. If not, Hykon will do it.


I head down into the doorway, work my way through the opening to the lighthouse beyond.


Muel will go along to the Lighthouse as well.
[Sorry guys, work schedule changed again. Isn’t Smittumi camping?]


Mehrfin passes through the portal and is back at the Lighthouse.


Well Hykon my friend shall we wait on them?


Mehrfin waits for his associates.

As he waits he begins studying the keys, as well as the portal situation, to better understand what’s going on. He figures that at some point the doorway can’t remain stable and that it’ll need to be closed. [ME 9]

If it does remain stable, perhaps the key in question could be used to build permanent doorways between locations. An interesting scientific thought. There might then be a use for that later on in fixing the lighthouse, though Mehrfin can’t currently see what that would be. He needs more data.


Hykon steps through the portal also. Safer on the lighthouse side than the dungeon side, I’d imagine.


Quildrum steps through following Hykon


Is everyone going through the portal back to the lighthouse? What’s the overall plan? You have one key (the delicate one), and teleported the other key into the lighthouse.

Are you going after the last key?


[yeah, I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, hahaha. There are 3 keys, men.]