Play by post anyone?


“Let’s get the hell out of here you guys.” Muel says


“I second that.” Mehrfin runs up to the passage to the right of the one they came in through.


He turns around. “Wasn’t there a key under that witch’s body?”


[@Nivek, yes. It’s there on the floor]


“If the key was under the body…does that signify anything? They must have found the key in this room if it was too heavy to move, right?”
[Do you guys want to try to lift the key with several of us? Or head North and try on the way back?]


“Also, did the witch say how they were controlling the tunneler? I wonder if we could somehow manage to harness one’s power? She said it turned on them, so it wasn’t happy.”


[I say can you teleport it with that spell Merf? You could try n teleport it to the lighthouse.]


[I most certainly can try, though Smittumi needs to trigger his action before I can act again. I already did my movement/action for this round.]


[He updated a while ago]


[Well, in that case:]

Mehrfin grabs his portal crystal and aims it down at the heavy key at the base, willing it to drop through to the lighthouse.

[Int 13+3=16 ME 10+5=15]


Muel licks his lips and clenches and unclenches his fist, his mouth forming the words “c’mon…c’mon…” as he stares at the small key


Mehrfin’s doorway opens and the heavy key drops through with a loud thud into the ground floor of the Lighthouse.

But as the key passes through its geometric makeup warps the doorway somehow, and Mehrfin feels control of it slip from him.

Timer 0

The doorway remains open.

From the ceiling a hole opens up, dropping earth and stones down into the chamber. From inside a head, like a giant ant looks through. Then the sounds of steel being drawn, and loud clicks of ant-tongue echo through the chamber, as a troop of five spear weilding antmen drop down into the chamber.

The lead ant, slightly larger than the others, gestures forcefully towards the eastern exit as if demanding that you leave.

Timer 2

Target 15

What do you do?


Muel hold up his hand (he speaks ant, right?)
“Whoa hey now, lower your spears bud. What’re you doing down here in my dungeon, fella?”
[Muel looks back at the other guys and raises an eyebrow]


Mehrfin waits to see the results of Muel’s actions. Stores up energy. [5]


[@AbbenWisson, give me a normal CHA check]


[Nat 20 heyoooooooo!]
And noted


[ooh, that’s 6 Master-y points now…]


Antish is a language of clicks, whistles and head movements.

“Your dungeon!” the lead antman barks in surprise, his head tilting to indicate mock confusion.

“Hold, brother” replies another “Look at the top-walker’s stature, he bears the likeness of the dwarves. They keep the lighthouse. Perhaps he is with them. We are in their territory.”

The first antman clicks in annoyance "This is logical. We shall withdraw, dwarf, and leave you to your lands. By way of apology we offer you this.

The antman pulls from around his neck a necklace and the pendent, he offers it to Muel. It has an image of C’Xixkra’con, the Antman god of war, fire and volcanoes. [This loot grants the wearer two instances of immunity to fire].

With that the antmen withdraw, climb back into the hole they came from and disappear.

Timer 15

What do you do?


[well, dang!]
“Thank you for C’Xixkra’con’s blessings, my Ant friends. You’re good… people…”


“Well that was a nice change of pace. Very civilized.”
Muel twirls the Antish pendant,
“well men, ever downwards!”
[Muel looks around for the exits again]
“North or South? We can flip a coin OR this awesome new pendant I just got. It’s even got “C’Xixkra’con” stamped right on it so you know it’s real.”
Morvi holds her lantern a little closer to the necklace “when did you ever learn Antish? I never saw you in one class…”