Play by post anyone?


[Cry about it why dontcha :tired_face:]


[Noice! He deserves it after what he did to that other elf mage.]


[Ok, assuming this witch spirit is gonna keep assaulting our minds…]

Hykon draws out his sword and takes a mighty swing at the witches head, intending to sever it from the body.

[Hoping that with a severed head, this witch can’t attack us anymore with this spirit thingy. Going with the assumption that the ghost is the witche’s spirit.]

STR 18+1=19 / EFFORT 3+1=4

Once head is severed, Hykon drops to his knees and searches the corpse.


Y’all r asses lmao… Frfr :fu::fu:


[Oh yeah? Come at me bro🤪]


Muel takes a closer look at the boot prints and maybe where they lead as the ghost mindfycjs the other party members:
7+0=7 WIS or INT.
He scratches his head and peers down at the floor


Mehrfin saves some energy, putting it into his memory ring, since he’s going to need it. [4,2,6]


As Hykon strikes the head off the corpse Quildrum hears the ghost’s voice scream out in his mind “My head, my head! Filthy Torton, I’ll kill you for that!”

[Timer 0]

Quildrum, having stood by just waiting, feels his mind split in agony as the ghost ejects from his head [take 1 damage with no save as you did nothing to defend your mind).

It flies back into Hykon’s head before he gets a chance to search the body.

Muel sees only that the majority of footprints go north and east.

Timer resets to 2

Target 15

What do you do?


Mehrfin breaks out his frost crystal … the dang thing’s been pretty useless anyway, and begins pulling at the mage lines surrounding the crystal to reprogram it as a sort of soul suction device. [Like a Ghostbusters trap.]

[Int 3+3+MR12=18 ME 8+5=13]

[I suggest we desecrate its body to draw it out of Hykon. We can try getting at it with the device mid transfer]


[@Condorthegreat, that save you made was for the initial attack. Unfortunately, because of the timer the ghost then did its next attack very quick after.]


[Yes, the desecration thang.]

Hykon cries out as the ghost flies back into his head. He jumps to his feet and shakes his head violently.
“Out of my head, witch.”

He kicks at the witches severed head and punts it across the room. “Aarrgh!”

[Muel or Quil is gonna haveta do the honors of hacking this thing up to draw her out.]


[STR roll just in case, d’oh, 2+5 for a 7 to attack an unmoving corpse]
(Quil please say that you’re holding the head like Lucy holds the football for Charlie Brown and then yoink it away when Muel goes to boot it:pray:


Quildrum takes his sword and starts to try n chop up this corpse… [You little bitch!]


[Damn Quil, what’s wrong? They didn’t have any milk fer yer cereal this morning??]


[Muel lays wheezing on the floor, inches away from the witch body, as Quil goes H.A.M on it]
“unnngggg… get 'er Quil…spike the head…”


Muel and Quildrum hack the body to pieces while the ghost’s voice screams in Hykon’s mind.

Timer 1

Target 15

What do you do?


Mehrfin finishes up his alterations. He looks up at Hykon and realizes the plan isn’t working.

Crap, he thinks. He clamps his hand down on the soul crystal and jumps down toward Hykon.

He points the crystal down toward Hykon’s head. “I really hope this doesn’t kill you friend.”

He pulses the spell.

[Int 20+3=23 ME 4+5+5=14 Yes!! Smittumi willing, this should work.]


[Who has the other key? Do the keys interact with each other? This witch was the one killed by the tunneler, yes? Muel can’t do much against ghosts, I feel. Sorry guise.]
[Oh snap, I just reread Mehrf’s post, nm! Nice!]


Quildrum runs to the witches head that’s sitting across the room and attempts to split it in half
ATTACK: 15+3=18


Timer to 0

The ghost rips out of Hykon’s mind [7 damage, no save] but before it can reach Quildrum it’s pulled screaming into Mehrfin’s soul crystal.

And all is still.

Looking at the facets of the crystal Mehrfin can see the face of the witch, in each one she appears to be screaming with rage. But there is presently no sound.

Timer 1

All seems quiet for a moment. But then dust and tiny pebbles fall from the ceiling, and there is a slight rumbling as though something is burrowing above this chamber.

Target 15

What do you do?