Play by post anyone?


[i meant the torchspear. He’s all about the bomb.]


Hykon pulls out his crossbow and loads a bolt into it. He then turns and takes the glowing ball from Mehrfin and attaches it to the bolt.

Hykon gives Merf a small nod. "For Durhadda. "

The Torton raises the crossbow and takes aim at the creature. Pausing for just a second, Hykon asks his deity for his aim to be true, then lets the bolt fly.

DEX 17+1=18 / EFFORT 4+1=5 (Plus whatever damage the arcane bomb does)

Hykon watches the bolt fly and prays that it will puncture its way into the creature and lodge inside the slimey body.

“Take cover,” Hykon shouts, and moves back down the hallway, taking cover around a corner.


Muel and Morvi perform a Dwarven roll to the side of the entrance hall to avoid the blast.

Look out!


[@Nivek, you created the bomb, so you make a 1d20 roll, then I can work out how much magical energy is reflected back at you all. FYI you want to roll high]


Quildrum moves in behind the. Nearest object with his shield up in defense…[ Yeah Hykon… Good. One!!!]


[:notes: Hero in a half shell, turtle power :notes:]


[15] … Bring it on.


The arrow strikes true and the bomb penetrates the slug’s soft flesh.

With a echoing boom the bomb goes off, ripping the creature apart and splattering body parts all over the corridor.

As that happens however, Mehrfin feels the effect of the reflective field and his own arcane energy feeds back into him. Before he can control it this energy explodes out of him in a wave.

[Everyone make a HARD DEFENCE save or suffer 11 damage]

The beast is in pieces, smeared up the walls and in chunks all over the northern corridor. A thick, stinking translucent slime covers the corridor now.

The party’s ears are ringing.

Target 15

What do you do?


[Jesus Christ]
Muel rolls a 13 Def and takes 11 pts of dmg (3/5 karma, 8/20 HP)
Morvi rolls an 11 Def and folds like a cheap hooker being punched in the stomach by a fat guy with sores on his face (-6/5 HP)


Muel kneels by Morvi and tries to stabilize her (death timer at 3, INT roll of 11 to stop the timer)


DEF: 20+4=24
Quildrum drops to his knees n drops his shield holding his ears from the ringing.


DEF 19+7=26

The arcane bomb goes off rattling everything around Hykon in a violent explosion and sending the Torton crashing to the ground.

He climbs to his feet shakily and shakes his head to clear it.

“Everyone okay?” Hykon calls, looking around at the chunks of slime and goop covering the corridor. “Now that’s what I call a bomb.” He looks around in wonder. “Merf… you were supposed to blow up the creature, not all of Durhadda.”


[Def 12+6=18]

Mehrfin just stares at where the creature was, not responding to Hykon. He seems dazed, and perhaps a little deafened.

Definitely slime covered though, like the ending scene from Ghostbusters 2.


With their ambush successful the party is free to continue.

There’s the slime covered north corridor, and the other three corridors.

Where do you go next?


Well my friends north looks kinda slimey… So which way y’all wanna try now


Mehrfin sits back against a wall, starts to push some muck off himself.

“Sorry I was a bit stunned there for a second. I figure we should make our way North, since we just blew the slime guy apart to open the way. Does anyone have a shovel?”


Hykon turns toward Mehrfin, nodding his head in agreement, a smile slowly spreading across his face. “Anything other than north would be highly anticlimactic.”

Hykon slaps the Merf on the back and looks around again at the carnage. The smile on his face slowly fades as he notices Muel bent over Morvi tending to her wounds.

Hykon walks over to the two dwarves, taking a knee beside Muel. “She is lucky to have a friend such as you,” Hykon says to him.

WIS 18+2=20 / EFFORT 8+2=10

Hykon places a hand over Morvi and prays to his deity and is blessed with HEALING TOUCH to aid the injured dwarf.


Mehrfin gets up off his butt and attempts to cast a creation spell to summon a wide-mouthed shovel. [Int 9+3=12]. The crystal in his hand sparkles but the summoning fails.

“I must be out of magical energy,” he says, and eyeballs his memory ring. “That bomb really took a lot out of me.”


Morvi sits up and grins around at everyone. “That was great! I almost died but it was totally worth it.”
Muel gives her a hand up and they settle their packs and raise their lights towards the north.
“Ready, boys?”


“Oh, sorry! Hey Mehrf, why did you need a shovel? You gonna get a sample?”