Play by post anyone?


[Lol.] …


[I can certainly do the portal. @Smittumi, am I able to toss the arcane bomb through an open portal? Or am I limited to one spell at a time?]


[@Nivek, its a genius idea but I’m afraid one spell at a time because powerwords are so variable and useful. If you’re making a spell you tell me the effect you’re going for, and I’ll tell you how hard it is to cast.

If you want to use Powerword DESTRUCTION to make a spell thats 4d12 near blast on a d4 timer, it’ll take two hearts of magic effort to complete. You already made your INT roll so make a magic effort roll. Bank whatever effort you roll and keep adding to it when you take a turn to do so.

Does that make sense?]

[Oh @AbbenWisson, Morvi is your NPC as far as I’m concerned. You decide what quests she goes on. If you want to ret-con her into this adventure that’s fine.]

Time passes, and the group can hear the wet sack sound off in the distance, down the corridor. But nothing else happens, presently.

Target 15

What do you do?


“Haha, no I don’t want to get rid of you Quil, just buzzing the bee in Hykon’s shell, that’s all.”
Muel swishes the torch in the Hykon’s direction now
“Look out, I had a few ales before we came down here, Haha. Just kidding guys. But seriously, that thing smacked me HARD in my head… hey, is that Morvi over there?”
【Morvi’s leather moccasins come tapping down the stone stairs and into the entrance hall and she appears with a lantern(?):pray:
“Sup guys? Stop dicking around with the torch Muel.”
“Sorry Morvi. Hey Morvi.” Muel shrugs lamely.


[Last roll ME 7+5=12. This roll 1+5=6. 2 to go.]


So what’s the plan… Do we lure it thru a portal or we blow it up…


[I kind of want to see it explode. If that fails we can attempt a portal to draw it in. It might be weakened enough where I can powerword portal over it, but we’ll have to see. One more round and the explosion spell will be ready per Smittumi.]


Well I look around the area wen in to see if I find anything…


[Feel free to draw out the creature. We can attach the bomb to an arrow shaft and let it fly. My next move creates the bomb, so we are ready.]


Muel ties his torch to the end of his spear…


And blows his Horn of Heylookatmeee


Lol. […]


The creature comes rushing out of the darkness, its tendrils reaching forward towards Muel and Quildrum [I assume they’re in the front row], and its translucent body emits the glow of an arcane reflective field.

It doesn’t enter the entrance chamber but clearly means to reach for and attack the front row fighters.

Target 15

What do you do?


[ME 1+5=6]

The arcane bomb forms in Mehrfin’s hand.

[2 rounds, Effort 9, 7, 2, 7=25 + MR 14 = 39]

Mehrfin holds it out for one of the others to shoot or throw. It should stick to objects.

“Who’s taking this thing?” He asks anxiously.


[Muel will make whoever throws the Bomb’s action EASY (for Durhadda :kissing_heart:). If no one wants to I can make Morvi do it]


[so a target of 12, to be clear]


[Hykon has the GREENBOW and a crossbow. If no objections he can to the honors…]


Mehrfin takes the glowing ball and hands it off to Hykon.

“Aim true my friend.”


[Muel grins wide and rubs his hands in anticipation and burns himself a bit with the torchspear]
“Gah, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all”


“Yeah,” Mehrfin says as he points to the crazy monster slime thingy that is barely out of reach, allowing them to have this conversation. “Assuming that thing doesn’t eat us first.”