Play by post anyone?


[I thought she was taking a spa day]


[Ah, so Muel likes to spoil his women. Muel, you dog, you.]


[Well done Muel] …


[@Nivek, I’m rolling on the encounter table once per exploration round. Which is about 5-10 minutes.]


[I’m going again then. Stores another 5 in my memory ring bringing the total to 14 with 3 slots filled.]


Nothing else happens, presently.

You’re in the entrance chamber with corridors going north, south, east and west.

What do you do?


[So, are we blowing this slimy bastard into jello shots, or what?]


[Int 14+3=17]

[The arcane bomb spell: An orb of light forms in one hand.Once placed, it explodes in 1D4 ROUNDS, inflicing 4D12 damage on everything within NEAR range]

A small spark begins to form in my hands.

“Gents, I’m ready to do this. But once I do, this thing will have a timer of unknown length. We’ll have to draw the creature out into the tunnel and place this, perhaps on a wall, and have it be close to it when it goes off. Do you guys want to plan before I finalize this thing?”


[I didn’t know how we were doing Morvi this adventure, I figured if Smittumi wanted her to come along he’d have said so *shrugs*]


“So who’s gonna draw this thing out…”


Oh shit, I just remembered I have that horn! Should I blow it?


All heads turn to Quil as he ponders this question out loud. Three sets of eyes look at him in awkward expectation.


[Ok, just spitballin here… Can this orb of light be placed on an object i.e. an arrow or crossbow bolt? Maybe could be placed on a bolt or arrow and fired at/into the creature. We shoot, we hit, we run, slimy thing explodes? Or does this have to be actually set like an actual bomb?]


[I kinda want to attach a torch to the end of my spear since we’re spitballing now]


[Might could shoot flaming arrows at this thing to. We could also set Quil on fire and have him run down the corridor and plunge himself into the thing. I really like this idea! Great heroic imagery. Quil will go down in legend.]


【Muel waves the torch in Quildrum’s direction and raises an eyebrow quizzically】


[That sounds like y’all wanna get rid of me] chuckles loudly
[How about we attach it to Hykon and Merf can open a portal and put him right there at the monster, he attaches the bomb to the monster then heads back thru the portal…] Laughing


“I don’t think I can activate two spells at the same time, though that would be epic.”


[Maybe Merf can open the portal and we can lure the slimy bastard inside and send it to the Yags tower.]


[Hahaha yes! Turn combat into a spectator sport with this one trick! GM’s hate him!]