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The Merf, realizing he has a moment, focuses his effort on the arcane bomb spell he had heard about in the library. He figures that would have really come in handy. [Int 14+3= 17 ME 3+5=8]

“We might be able to still go North,” he says. “We just need to plan our attack better.” He pauses. “I don’t suppose anyone here knows how to speak slime monster, by any chance?”


“Ey! Slime Monster! Can you hear me? You almost killed me, whats up with that?” Muel shouts at the retreating beast.


[@GaryD20, Too dark to see, presently]


The creature doesn’t appear to react to Muel’s taunting.


(Softly) “Yeah, that’s what I thought!”
“Hoo! That thing almost took my head off! Hahaha! Anyone see how it healed itself? It seemed like only when Quil got a solid hit is when it stayed hurt. Did you notice that Quildrum?”


“Thanks for covering our retreat, Hykon! That was pretty slick.”


“Yes Muel I did notice that when I wasn’t tryin the dodge them damn tenicals… " " Right now I do not know any plan unless Hykon and Merf wants to go first and fire a few things of magic then we Step in.” “Otherwise,I think we should choose another way to go for now since it’s not following us.”


“We’ll gents.” I toss around my destroy crystal with it’s slightly different spark of energy. “I could use this bad boy to charge up a beautiful little arcane bomb and leave it in the tunnel for our mutual friend. It’ll take a little bit. [A few rounds] but definitely doable. Perhaps when it’s weakened, Quildrum can finish it off before it heals. What do you guys think?”

I begin storing additional energy into my memory ring.

[MR 9 pts, 2 rolls in]


Muel nods vigorously.
“I like the sound of bombs”


[Need some healing? Hykon can hook you up with his healing touch.]


[Quil’s pretty slimy. Let’s ask him.]


For Durhadda!!!


“Thanks Hykon, you do wonders for my all that ails me!” He stops rubbing his head and holds still, waiting for the magic to hit him.
“I love this part…”


Quildrum says “I’m with it, let’s do it” “Hykon could u heal me to please sir thanks”


[@Smittumi, how long do we have in this area (round wise) before getting attacked by something? I could speed up my energy storage as you see appropriate.]


Hykon places a hand on Muel’s shoulder and softly recites a healing prayer.

WIS 14+2=16 / EFFORT 8+2=10

Hykon nods and gives thanks to his deity. “Anyone else?” He asks, looking around at his companions.


Hykon turns to Quil and repeats the actions he performed on Muel.

WIS 20+2=22 / EFFORT 2+2=4 (Nice! Another Nat 20… I’m assuming that counts toward the MASTERY count? If so, tis up to 3.)

[After healing Quil, Hykon slaps him on the back. “Who’s your Torton?”]


Dude, nice! 20 characters


Well I guess I could add you to Merf so I got 2 of y’all now…lol


[So, what’s up with Morvi?? She still with us?? Have we lost her??]