Play by post anyone?


As planned, Mehrfin tosses his light into the creature’s outstretched bulk, aiming passed its tentacles, in the case it is sensitive to light. [Dex 8]


Quildrum slashes at the monstrosity with might


Muel will put up his shield to defend against the tendrils (DEF 12+7=19)


Hykon will let fly an arrow from his GREENBOW.

DEX 7+1=8 (miss, HERO POINT noted, 1/5)


Mehrfin tosses the ball of light at the monster, but it rolls harmlessly away. The thing does appear to flinch as it passes by.

The mighty worm raises itself up in the corridor and flings a thick ropey tendril at Muel but misses, and a second at Quildrum (make a HARD DEF save or suffer 16 damage).

At it attacks the wounds from Quildrum’s spikes seem to close shut as the thing heals itself.

Target 15

Muel and Quildrum are in the corridor, the spellcasters are both further back at the entrance to the main chamber.

What do you do?


Mehrfin runs across the thing’s path, trying to get to a better place so as to aim in relative safety. He holds up his shield as he runs. [Def 23]

Once into position he fumbles with his magic items, intent on throwing an arcane missile at the creature. [Int 13] He fails to conjure the required energy.


QUILDRUM dodges the tendril with smack of his shield. He’s stumbles back from the blow to the shield. Backs up and shouts. “Oh shit!!” “Wat the hell is this thing?”


Hykon takes another shot with his GREENBOW, with the same result. A big fat miss.

DEX 3+1=4 (HERO POINT 2/5)


Quildrum attacks again with his sword
Quildrum lands a big strike…as he srceams"DIE!!!"


Muel will try to get a sense of any (physical) weaknesses with an intelligence check [2, nope]


Quildrum’s slashes are the only attacks that hit home. Slime drips from the creature as it lurches away slightly as its wounds [d20 rolled a 1] mostly remain open.

It almost seems like revenge when the monster counterattacks against Quildrum lashing out and smashing at him with a tendril [d20, rolled a 20! Make a HARD DEFENCE save or take 20 damage! Fuck!!].

Glancing down the only thing Muel notices is that the slime dripping from this thing looks to be the same as the slime trails on the floor.

A second tendril is launched against Muel [d20, rolled an 11. Make a HARD Defence roll or take 11 damage].

The creature remains in the corridor with Muel and Quildrum, not advancing forward.

Target 15

What do you do?


Muel gets caught looking over his shield (DEF 8+7=15, 1/5 karma, 9/20 HP)
“Hnnnggggnnnn…maybe we should run…owwww…”


With his shield up he feels the blow but does block it…
“I’m with you Muel, Let’s head out!!! " “RUUUUUUUNNNNN!””


Mehrfin, fumbling with his gear and deciding he is not able to make any spell stick, follows after Muel and Quildrum as they run.


Hykon waits for Muel and Quil to move past him in their retreat. He then lets loose with another GREENBOW attack at the slimey bastard…

DEX 20+1=21 / EFFORT 3+2=5+8 (ULTIMATE)=13 Total Damage (2nd NAT 20, yay me!)

Hykon lets out a grunt of satisfaction, as the arrow slams into the slimey creature, with a wet smack.

Hykon gives Muel and Quil a silent nod as they pass him. He then begins slowly backing up, back down the corridor, following them, while readying another arrow.


The creature advances after the two warriors, but only for a moment. Then it pauses and Hykon, who’s watching the monster, gets the distinct impression (although it has no eyes) that it’s watching them withdraw.

It advances no further.

Almost all its wounds close and it slides backwards, back down the corridor into the darkness and out of sight.

The party moves back into the entrance chamber.

Target 15

What do you do?


As the creature begins to slide back down the corridor, Hykon turns and catches up with Muel, Quil, and the Merf, back in the entrance chamber.

He looks around at the party members expectantly. “Now what?”


One thing… can Hykon see what is further down the corridor, past the creature? Any idea what may be back there?


Let’s go anywhere but North,for now.


Muel will rub his head and try to regain some hp (5+0=5, nerp, 2/5 karma)