Play by post anyone?


[ @Smittumi, here is my current list of spells:

Arcane Missile (INT - Shard of Energy 1d10 Far. If Effort of 1 only, hits another entity)
Create Device (INT - Create mechanical device of your weight or less. Instant on 12+. Otherwise in 1 round)
Doorway (INT - Create doorway from where you are to anywhere you have been before. Lasts 1d4 rounds)
Infused Fang (INT Spell Detect Evil)
Frost Infuser (INT Spell . Cause a basic weapon to be imbued with magical cold damage)
Light (INT Spell - Creates ball of light that floats above head, requires concentration)
Portal Discus (Int spell . flying disc of portalized energy)

Consistent with your earlier proclamation of the Arcane Paraphact, does it make sense to consolidate these into power words instead? Each one is currently taking up a slot in my inventory, so I’d be happy to consolidate if practical. It kind of does away with the magical artifact concept, however. Let me know, please. Thanks. ]


Hykon notices strange dwarven glyphs on the underside of the vault door. He heads that way and studies the glyphs with interest. He’ll spend his turn studying and trying to decipher the writing.

INT 15+1=16 or WIS 15+2=17 (depending on which you need or want).


[@Nivek, each powerword is still infused in an item. Your powerwords are: DESTROY, CREATE (note that permanent destruction is way easier than permanent creation), PORTAL, DETECT, FROST, LIGHT, FLIGHT.

When you have days to work on it you can work on reforging any spell item into something else, but the powerword stays the same. You can still work on an item in which you plug in different powerword crystals to cast, but each crystal will still take up an inventory slot.

Is that OK? ]


[FYI everyone, this Dungeon is going to run on a random encounter table I made instead of a timer. Just to see how it feels.]


Quildrum asks hykon, “Do you understand the writing?” “Muel” “Isn’t that dwarven on there?”
As he pays attention to their surroundings
Looking for anything odd…


[oh yeah!]
Muel would like to try to read the Dwarven inscriptions (WIS check 18+0) before making any decisions I suppose


Mehrfin examines the slime and is sure it comes from something alive. It’s also mildly acidic, slippery, and has a distinctive smell.

[He can put some in a little pot he has about him if you want]

Hykon and Muel study the writing. It looks like it was carved into the door as part of the original design. It’s a lot of oaths and songs of the Duran Dwarf clan, and glyphs of strength and warding against evil. Muel knows these are usually used to keep doors long lasting.

Suddenly the party hears a slurping noise, like a wet sack being dragged across the floor. It’s coming from the north corridor. Whatever it is will arrive in one round.

Target 15

What do you do?


Muel whispers: I think I heard a schlump
He looks to the other party members: “shall we deal with this now or do you want to explore a bit?”
[He keeps the torch lit in case Mehrfin needs to concentrate on casting a spell, his shield is on his back, someone remind me to take the Path of Iron ability to attach torches to my shield next time haha]


I believe we should deal with it now, because there’s no telling what else we will find and don’t need anything behind us.


Gm how wide is the corridor sir. Can you side by side or only one at a time


[@Condorthegreat, corridor is 5 feet wide]


I say let’s go muel, side by side. Be ready …
Looking to hear or see if they can see anything yet
INT: 3+2=5
Going in blind…the torch seems like it fell back probably with muel…


[@Smittumi … works for me. I have 5 mastery points, so just a little bit longer before I get upgraded to being able to house spells without using inventory slots :slight_smile: Thanks.]

[This is what I put into my inventory, for your reference:

Int Crystal (Destroy)
Int Crystal (Create)
Int Crystal (Portal)
Int Crystal (Detect)
Int Crystal (Frost)
Int Crystal (Light)
Int Crystal (Flight)



I grab the ball of light from above my head and cradle it in my hands and in my clothes, blocking out most of its light. I plan to throw the light into the eyes of the approaching creature (assuming it to be villianous) to give us an initial advantage. [Dex 15]


[@GaryD20, we just waiting on an action from Hykon]


Ok, what Hykon does depends on what Muel does…

If Muel joins Quil in advancing down the corridor, then Hykon readies his GREENBOW and takes up position behind Quil and Muel…

If Muel doesn’t join Quil in advancing down the corridor, then Hykon draws his sword and joins Quil…

But, I’m down to RUN if thats the plan to. Just saying.


Muel will advance ahead with Quil. Sorry didn’t know what was going on.


Looking forward to killing some monsters.


Of course, it’ll probably end up being some scraggly bearded dude with a runny nose.


Sliding out of the blackness of the northern corridor comes a huge translucent shape.

It’s hard to make out in the darkness but becomes clearer as it approaches the light. A huge wet thing, easily the girth of a draught horse, not a slug or a decomposing worm, but something worse.

As it gets closer to the party it slides its bulk to one side of the corridor, raises its front up and opens its mouth to extrude five thick pale tendrils.

It flails these at the group and as it does so Hykon and Mehrfin detect a magical aura being summoned. It has manifested some kind of arcane reflective shield.

It prepares to fight, but the group is ready.

Target 15

What do you do?