Play by post anyone?


[If we try sneaking up on the mages, is that a HARD ROLL?]


[Screw it.]

Hykon draws his sword, and then follows Mehrfin’s lead, and uses the dark and shadows to try and sneak up on the mages also, while they are distracted with performing their ritual.

DEX 14+1=15 (to sneak) / STR 17+1=18 (to hit) / EFFORT 5+1=6

If successful Hykon means to sneak up behind one and run him through with his sword.


Well after mef n hykon sneak attacks, I’m rushing in with my sword out and slashing the nearest mage!
Attack: 17+3=20
Damage: 2+3=5


[I like it! The ol pincer attack? Can we do that? Two Torton flashbangs and then the Pit Fighter and two Dwarves show up to the party? Also something to note: allies CLOSE to Muel share his +7 DEF stat if we get split up on the map plus he can make one (close?) ally’s next roll EASY (this feels broken,so I don’t use it when it doesn’t make sense,I guess. Any thoughts?) I’ve been watching old GI JOE cartoons so I’m all about some battle right now🧐]


[Break that shit!! Go Joe!!]


[@AbbenWisson, your DEF stat for allies works if you’re all in the same zone and you’re actively fighting/doing stuff. It isnt magical. As you’re letting them sneak down it won’t work this round.

Your battle tabard can work within the round (even if you post after them, as long as its the same round). You just need to say which ally gets the buff. But it also isn’t magical, that ally needs to be able to see the tabard. Once you stop hiding and join the battle it’ll work.]


Muel and Quildrum hide in the shadows.

Mehrfin successfully sneaks down to the ritual circle, and in the shadows gets close to the Necromancer Priest. [An attack next round against this priest under these circumstances will be EASY and do ULTIMATE instead of WEAPON damage.]


Hykon also tries to sneak down, getting close to the Storm Priest, but as he closes in a terrible voice emerges from the statue!

Too late Muel sees the eye of the statue has turned to Hykon, he tries to warn his friend he’s been spotted, but this other voice drowns out his own.

Both whispering and rumbling, in the common tongue and an alien dialect, the voice from the Child of Azatoth seems to speak directly into the heroes’ minds!


Timer turns to 3.

The cult priests turn to look but were surprised and act too late.

The central eye of the Child of Azatoth fires a purple beam of plasma at Hykon [HARD Defence check or take 9 damage]

Target 15 (as I assume Muel will stop hiding the torchlight)

Timer 3

What do you do?

[Edit: if anyone wants to target the Child of Azatoth you need to pick which part you target:
a) Central eye, b) Hand, c) Eye cluster, d) Tentacles, or e) its Mouth]


Mehrfin attempts to take out the closest mage with the whiplash blade. [Str 10 … sad story]


Hykon DEF Save 19+7=26


As the Child of Azatoth’s sinister voice begins to fill his mind, Hykon immediately senses danger coming from the statue. He spins around just in time to see the purple plasma beam heading his way. He manages to deftly sidestep the beam and simultaneously draws his GREENBOW. As Hykon brings the weapon up, and draws back the bow, an arrow magically forms. He takes aim at the CoA’s central eye and lets the arrow fly.

DEX 5+1=6 (ugh)

[Hykon misses but he’ll use his HERO COIN to add a d12 to that roll.]

So, DEX 5+1=6+2=8 (double ugh)

Hykons shot flies wide, missing its mark.


[Everyone remember: when you miss a d20 roll gain 1 Karma. Spend 5 Karma to get a hero coin.]


[Was just about to ask if we started that yet or not.]


Quildrum runs towards the closest mage and slashes him with his blade as a loud sounds comes from his voice “Diiieeeee!”
Kit of spikes:1+0=1.
Quildrum comes rushing in like a mad man and Knicks the mage!


Wat a sad pit fighter I am right now!:frowning:


Muel will rush towards the Child of Azatoth figure and target the tentacles with his spear as soon as he sees it begin shooting beams at Mehrfin (STR check NAT 20! d6 WEAPON EFFORT of 6 plus d12 ULTIMATE EFFORT of 3, for 9 EFFORT)

Morvi joins Quildrum in slashing at the nearest cultist with her short sword, hoping to cut them down (STR check 13+2=15, WEAPON EFFORT of 1+12=13) [I spent a Hero Coin and added a d12 of EFFORT to Morvi’s attack and rolled MAX on the d12, woohoo! Hot dice today]


As Muel turns his body sideways and lifts both arms overhead to shove his spear into the mass of tentacles before him, Quildrum can see his war torn Battle Tabard quite clearly, reminding him of why they fight (FOR DURHADDA) [making his ATTEMPT EASY]
[ Pretty sure this makes the target 12 for Quildrum this round, and your ATTACK successful if you want to roll for EFFORT]


[Yeah, you definitely aren’t killing any butts, yo!!]


[Yes! Quildrum can roll weapon damage!]


[You guys need to choose targets, otherwise I’ll randomly assign damage. There’s the Child of Azatoth, a Necromancy Priest, a Ruin Priest, a Storm Priest and a Sea Priest.]


Effort:1+3=4. The necromancy priest.