Play by post anyone?


[Love it! :heart::house_with_garden::test_tube::call_me_hand::yin_yang::mushroom:20 characters]


[I think Muel is ready to kick some ass and free captives later at this point. It does look like we only have two choices though. Would defacing the ritual circle be a good thing or a bad thing, do you think? Is it something that Mehrfin can use, or only these guys?:thinking:]


[ I’m guessing that we’d need more mages to turn the ritual site to some other purpose. Probably breaking the mechanism or disconnecting its power source would be the most ideal. @Smittumi … does it look like the captives are being used to power the device? Freeing them might be half the battle, though attacking the chanting mages might be better just since we’d have the element of surprise. ]


Now that Mehrfin can see the statue it’s clearly a Child of Azatoth, a powerful magical artifact and a living being in its own right. He thinks it’s likely each thing on this island - the Child, the fishmen, the captives, and the brains - is part of a vast ritual to create this terrible storm. Each element is part of an intricate working, but the Child must be an important part, most likely a core anchor or catalyst.

He looks up at the churning sky and realises it must be morning by now, but the storm is so strong its a black as night.


[ I break out my frost infuser and offer to spruce up people’s weapons if they want that - Int 11 … dang thing seems to be malfunctioning at the moment. ]


[Can Hykon tell if the captives are even in good enough condition to be able to help in a fight? My personal opinion is deal with the chanting figures first, since we so far still have the element of surprise, as the Merf said.]


[I agree. If they were weak enough to get captured in the first place, they probably won’t be any help against a group of evil mages, except perhaps as human shields.]


[From your boat the captives look like they’re in rough shape, just a bit of movement here and there]


[ I have an idea for a distraction. I could turn into an air form and pick up one of the dead captives and move them around towards the ritual circle to distract the mages there. Then, while they’re all confused by the walking corpse, the rest the group could attack them from behind, giving us an advantage.

@Smittumi, are there any obstacles to accomplishing this?

Of course, if we already could get intially easy rolls because of the element of surprise, this whole ruse might be unnecessary. ]


“well let’s go kill some butt!” Hykon can’t you send a surprise attack u n Merf?" As we get closer


Since the casting of magical spells might be difficult once we get closer to the shrine, I’m going to summon my whiplash sword so I have it in hand. [ Int 20 ME 7 ]

“Let’s go kill some evil mages.”

I help ease us into shore near the statue ritual and start sneaking toward the mages who are about to go down.


@Nivek, Mehrfin will need to pass a DEX check to sneak successfully.

The boat is moored at the Eastern quadrant.

The rest of you, a) who takes the torch (if no-one has it the target is raised to 16), and b) what are the rest of you doing for one round while Mehrfin sneaks?


[ Dex 17+1=18] Walk up to the nearest mage. Attempt to slice its neck with my blade. [ WE 5]


[Kill some butt?? WTF does that mean?? Pit Fighters are weird yo!]


Quildrum whispers, Hykon how about I take the torch n we walk slowly and you can do that palm thing


[:rofl::rofl::rofl::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::thinking:dude I’m dying rn you guys kill me]


[Don’t think ATOMIC PALM would be a good idea with Merf down there with them. Would get him to probably.]


[Why don’t you take the torch and get their attention with it, and when they give chase and come after you, Hykon and the rest will come up behind them, while they are distracted with you, and we’ll "kill some butts yo!]


Muel will take the torch for now. He is going to elbow Morvi and point at Mehrfin as he creeps up on the mages.
Muel will try an INT check (18+0=18) to see if there’s any way to blindside any of the mages with a spear attack (and basically prepare to rush in that direction with Morvi when the shiz starts popping off.)


[goddammit I just typed out my turn and took a drink of water and almost spit it all over my phone hahaha]