Play by post anyone?


[We should vote on it. All in favor of Quil dying, er, I mean taking an investigation dip in the drink, say die, er, I mean eye.]


Muel sits cross legged, carefully picking Sea Cactus spines from Morvi’s butt as she fidgets around, craning her neck to get a look at the piles of loot.

“Hurry up. I like how you pick out a horn before you come and help me! Hykon on the other hand…”

“… ALL RIGHTY THEN! Who’s ready to be whisked away to another island by mighty Mehrfin’s magic portal? I know I am!” Muel almost-shouts.

I TOLD YOU MY HANDS WERE SWEATY” (he hisses to Morvi.)

“Yeah… anyway, thanks Hykon!You’re a real lifesaver” she leaves Muel with a handful of spines and goes to rummage through a pile of loot.
Muel carefully puts a few spikes in his pack and then holds up his new Horn
“Hey guys. I can use my horn to make those guys look over here…if we need that, heh-heh”


“Thanks Hykon.” Mehrfin says after being healed “I’m still amazed that stuff works.”


[Excellent. Thank you to both.]


Hykon slaps Mehrfin on the back, good naturedly, and gives him a smile and a wink, “Don’t worry. It still amazes me also.”

Hykon then looks off to the west, where the four figures are carrying out their ritual around the statue. “I think your plan is as good as any,” he says to Mehrfin. “I feel great evil coming from that island. As much as I may not like it, we should do what we can to stop it.”

He looks around to each of his companions. “For Durhadda,”


“For Durhadda!”
Muel thumps his wet Tabard [Mehrfin’s next roll is EASY]


[Well, should say you might want to clarify what yer wet Tabard is. :rofl:]


[OK looks like the decision is the statue and four figures. I’ll post the opening of the encounter tomorrow]


[All, I’m thinking of implementing the Karma system from EZD6. Basically, each time you miss a roll you get a point of karma, and when you get 5 karma you get a hero coin. Once you have a hero coin you get no more karma until the hero coin is spent. Thoughts?]


[ I’m fine with that. To clarify, is a hero coin a reroll or is it like an automatic nat 20 but without the milestone growth reward?]


[A reroll, although personally I like saying it’s an extra d12 added onto any one roll]


[Sounds good to me. Now is that any kind of miss, melee weapon and magic attack? And is it just missed attacks? Not missed saves, checks, etc.]


[Also, Quil is having phone troubles again, so I’ll probably be posting for him again until he gets straightened out. We’ll see…]


[Any miss. If it seems like too much we can always scale it back]


[Sounds like a plan]


Sounds good to me…


As the heroes row to the new island the storm rages. They can see:

The northern quadrant is an impassable labyrinth of dark crystal.

The eastern quadrant has a ritual circle (which Mehrfin thinks will affect spellcasting). The massive statue is here, around twenty-five feet tall and depicting a strange impossible creature of the outer dark. There are profane suggestions there of a man or a frog, but with the head of an octopus, and great wings folded along its back.

Around the statue are four figures, one wears robes marked with traditional glyphs of the sea, another with symbols of storms, a third with marks of arcane ruin, and the fourth with glyphs of necromancy.

They don’t seem to have noticed the heroes

The floor of the southern quadrant is covered with tied and bound captives (some alive, others dead) and piles of gold and other treasure.

The floor of the western quadrant is covered in razor-sharp sharp rocks. Treading here is sure to hurt anyone’s feet and legs.

Target 15 while you carry the torch (although you hide it as you circle the island).

Timer 4

Where will you land and what do you do?


With the notice of captives, I think we should release them or the magic users. Just my thought


[What’s my take on magically generated weaponry? If we released some captives and I armed them temporarily, would the weapons likely survive to do an offensive against the ritual? ]


[I’m gonna say you can only make one weapon at a time and each weapon lasts 1d10 rounds.]