Play by post anyone?


INT: 11+2=13
DEF: 17+4=21
HE SIDE STEPS THE Tendril and turns
to swipe down at the Tendril with his sword
Kit of spikes: 2 damage.
Quildrum yells " these damn tendrils just keep coming like snakes" “Now babies again!?!”


[welcome back Condor!]


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Hykon breaks the surface of the water and draws in a cherished breath of air. He pulls his sword and stabs down into the water, looking to filet a fish.

STR 18+1=19 / EFFORT 5+1=6


Ty. Nice to be back Abben wisson


[hell yeah! Never split the party! Looks around for Furlan:pleading_face:]


Mehrfin blasts the multi-eyed brain horror with his magic, it falls to the rocky ground and doesn’t move.

Hykon and Quildrum both land their attacks against their targets.

Timer hits 0

Like a flock of birds the remaining brain horrors, in perfect synchronisation, turn and fly away into the stormy sky. They fall into formation with the dozens (maybe hundreds) of other brains who by now are creating a whirlwind formation, and this seems to be driving the storm to worsen significantly.

Guts fishman launches out of the pool and hits Hykon (Defence save or take 6 damage)

Similarly, the scarred fishman climbs out and slashes its claws at Muel (Defence save or take 5 damage)

The massive, bloodied tentacle tries to smash Hykon (Defence save or take 2 damage)

Timer resets 3

Target still 14 as Mehrfin had the torch and never got dragged into the water.

What do you do?


[Oh yeah … the torch. Must have been tied to my back or something.]


[So gents, we can take out the remaining fishmen in a one on one fight, but there’s no way we can take on hundreds of brain-people without getting pummeled. They may not be specifically after us, being more intent on creating some kind of storm for unknown purposes.

@Smittumi … Is there any indication of what the overall objective/motivation is of the brains? Also, is there any evidence to support the idea that all the brains are being controlled by a central hub … something perhaps that we could attack instead of facing the individuals? I’m wondering if there are any caverns or buildings nearby where something else might be housed. Thanks.]


Muel deflects the scarred Fishman’s attack [DEF 17+7] with his now battle-scarred shield and immediately runs to the Eastern Quadrant [leaving Western Quadrant: CON save of 17+3] to administer aid to Morvi [INT check NAT 20! +0]


As a mage Mehrfin knows that brain horrors are servants dark powers and evil men. They can be turned to almost any function as part as major rituals, as they can serve as kind of magical conduits able to store or transform arcane energy for different outcomes.

The Intel the group got was that Lord Greystone had done a deal with some cult, and it looks like their part of the attack on Durhadda is to summon these brains to bring about this massive storm. Orcs much prefer to fight in the dark and the lighthouse would be prone to lightning strikes.

With any massive ritual spell like this the whole thing has to be coordinated from a ritual circle, which must be close by. Maybe on another mini island within this structure? You need time to look around.


[Based on that info we are probably safe from the brain horrors at the moment since they are indisposed.

We clearly need to deal with the current aggressors to be able to look around.

@Smittumi … would you mind giving me an updated lay of the land? What creatures remain and what quadrants they are in?

Sorry. I know it’s late there. Thanks. ]


Western quadrant, the egg shells; Mehrfin, hatchling brain, electro brain, and another newly hatched brain. [ALL BRAINS ARE NOW IN THE SKY?]

Northern quadrant, the sea pool: [NOW BLOODY]Tentacle, Muel ([NOT] in the pool), scarred fishman ([NOT]in the pool with Muel), guts fishman (dragging Hykon), and Quildrum.

Eastern quadrant, sea-cacti: no-one[EXCEPT MUEL AND MORVI]

Southern quadrant, high-ground:[THE DEAD BODY OF THE] multi-eyed brain, crab-leg brain[DON’T KNOW IF THEY ARE UP IN THE SKY NOW] Morvi ([NO LONGER]dying)]

Made a FEW EDITS lol
To be clear I just copy/pasted Smittumi’s older post and edited in what I think might still be the case.
[Personally I think this was a stalling technique and we got smacked around a bit haha.
For a minute I was like damn my 1st RPG and I’m gonna watch my character drown LMAO]

Last edit: I think Mehrfen is in the Southern Quadrant or High Ground now that I look back again.


[Thanks Abben. I got lost there so thanks for helping with the clarification. ]

Mehrfin is going to fall on his butt now that the levitation thing has ended. He’ll get up and run to grab his shield and frost infuser.


[Heck yeah, no problem. I realized I wasn’t 100% on positioning and remaining enemies yet either.]
[I’m with you: let’s clear out the Fishheads and go Explore the Island!]


Hykon cries out as the fishmans attack finds home and slams into him.

DEF Save 1+7=8

No sooner than he recovers from the fishman attack, Hykon is hit with a smash from a massive tentacle.

DEF Save 13+7=20

Hykon manages to get his shield up and staves off the tentacle. He spins back toward the fatfish and swings his sword in a massive swing.

STR 1+1=2

And misses miserably. Hykon lets out a frustrated grunt. "You slimey bastard, " he mumbles to himself.


Quildrum steps towards the fishman and swings as it to take it’s head off
Attack: 12+2=14
Quildrum lands a strike and you hear a “UMPH!” Come out of his mouth as he feels the blade strike it’s target! Blood spatters about.


[ Now Quil, what did that fishman ever do to you? Maybe he just wants to introduce you to his best buds, cole slaw and hushpuppie.]


Morvi coughs and groans, she’s alive!

Quildrum slashes the fishman across its fat belly, splitting it open and causing the brain horror egg inside to slide out of its guts and crack open onto the rock floor. The brain horror within looks dead. The fishman looks badly wounded.

Timer turns to 2

Both fishmen howl in anguish and start grabbing at Quildrum, trying to pull him into the water. (DEX or STR save to avoid getting pulled into the pool).

The giant tentacle reaches over this skirmish and tries to pick up Muel (DEX or STR save to avoid getting pick up and raised into the air).

Target 14

What do you do?


Muel is still kneeling beside Morvi when he feels the crushing grip of the tentacle wrap around him from behind… [STR save 8+3=11]
Muel hears his armor begin to creak as he feels for the dagger at his belt [STR check 14+3, effort of 6] and begins stabbing at the offending appendage.
“How RUDE!”