Play by post anyone?


[I say keep the 10.]


[Yeah, told y’all my noggin ain’t working right today. Can’t think straight.]


The tentacle and the multi-eyed brain look seriously bloodied, but none of the enemy fall.

The ringing noise from the Crab-leg brain subsides to nothing.

Timer turns to 2

The lightning brain lashes out with barbed tentacles attempting to poison Quildrum [Pass a Defence save or suffer 5 damage and be poisoned - which’ll mean further damage]

The hatchling brain, still wet with egg mucus, pulses and sends out a psychic suggestion to all still in the western quadrant. [Pass an INT save or you next action (separate from your move) must be to attack a near ally. Note that you are allowed to move at free will before you take your forced attack action.]

The scarred fishman, carrying Muel on its shoulder, jumps into the pool of black seawater and dives down low. [Pass a CON save to swim to the surface or suffer 3 damage as you begin drowning in the ice-cold depths.]

The fishman with the distended guts tries to grapple Hykon and begins dragging him towards the pool. [Make a DEX or STR save to get free of the fishman’s slimy grasp].

Both brains at the high group extend stabbing tendrils and attempt to drain Morvi. [She needs to pass a Defence save to avoid 3 damage, and other to avoid 9 damage]

Finally the massive tentacle slaps at Mehrfin. [Make a Defence save or take 5 damage].


[Int 11+3=14]

Mehrfin is concerned as he sees the barbed tentacles heading Quildrum’s way. For a brief moment instead of being concerned for Quildrum, he thinks he should attack Quildrum. Why would he think that?

[Def 11+6=17]

Pissed off, he shakes the thought from his mind, only to be taken by surprise by the massive tentacle heading his way. He is smacked dead on by the swinging tentacle, causing his body and arms to wrap around it. At first shocked to be swinging through the air, he is even more surprised to discover that he wasn’t injured by the event.

[Int 3+3=6]

Still holding on for dear life with his left arm, he grabs for his shirt pouch, where he had fortunately stowed the frost infuser, and pulls it out to slam it with its newfound frost power into the tentacle. Just as he is about to do so, however, the tentacle changes direction, causing the frost infuser to fall from his hand, tumbling to the ground. Mehrfin, shaken free from the tentacle, finds himself likewise airborne.


Muel (INT 15+0) is oblivious to the suggestion as the cold dark water closes over his head. Somehow, just before the Fishman drags him under, he is able to pull in a deep breath as he clutches his Iron Falcon Symbol (CON rolls are EASY) and tries to remain calm(CON 7+3=10). [Not sure, is the original target 14?]
Morvi resists the first set of tendrils, only to be ambushed by the second… [Morvi drops to -7/5HP]


[Morvi needs to roll a death timer. Muel is in the northern quadrant, under the water, but can still take an action; either try to swim to the surface, attack the fishman in the sea with him, or do something else.]


INT Save: 18+1=19

Hykon cries out as the psychic suggestion of the brain horror starts to fill his thoughts. He shakes his head savagely, and calls upon the name of his deity, and his head starts to clear.

As the probing fingers of the brain’s psychic attack start to withdraw, Hykon is grabbed from behind by the pot-bellied fishman.

STR 6+1=7

Hykon lets out another cry, as he is unable to break the fishman’s grasp.


Quil’s turn:

DEF 18+4=22

INT 13+2=15

Quil comes up behind the pot-bellied fishman, as it starts to drag Hykon away, and slashes at it with his sword.

STR 7+2=9 (misses, but does 4 damage w/ kit of spikes)


Morvi will :skull_and_crossbones: in 3 rounds…
Muel kicks away from from the Fishman, but…
(STR 2+3= 7/10❤️ as Muel’s lungs start to burn a bit)


[Tell Condor I’m jealous of the Kit of Spikes! I looked at that Milestone for so long. I might still take it later though haha]


[@GaryD20, Hykon can still take an action even though he missed that save. He has been dragged/carried to the northern quadrant, near the water pool. He can take action to escape, fight this creature, whatever. He just can’t move away from that quadrant until he’s escaped.


Hykon lets loose another cry, as he raises his right arm, spins, and throws an elbow at the fishmans head.

STR 19+1=20 / EFFORT 3+1=4

His elbow connects, with a satisfying splat, and Hykon can’t resist a little grunt of pleasure. " How does that elbow taste, fish face? I pray it hurt!"


[Everyone take a hero coin]

[Here’s where everyone is:

Western quadrant, the egg shells; Mehrfin, hatchling brain, electro brain, and another newly hatched brain.

Northern quadrant, the sea pool: Tentacle, Muel (in the pool), scarred fishman (in the pool with Muel), guts fishman (dragging Hykon), and Quildrum.

Eastern quadrant, sea-cacti: no-one

Southern quadrant, high-ground: multi-eyed brain, crab-leg brain, Morvi (dying)]

[Will post GM turn in the morning here]


Timer 1

The single Crab-leg brain again dings its leg off the ground like a tuning fork and it lets out a pitched whine (everyone make an INT save or all INT actions this round become HARD).

The hatchling brain chases Quildrum across to the pool and uses its feeder tendrils to stab into him (Defence save or take 1 damage).

The electro brain lashes at Mehrfin with its poison tendrils (Defence save or take 3 damage and poisoned).

The third and final egg cracks open and a new brain horror emerges and immediately phases itself half out of reality so that it cannot be attacked by non-magical means.

The massive tentacle reaches over and grabs Morvi’s body and throws it into Eastern quadrant.

Under the sea water the scarred fishman holds Muel in place (CON save or take d6 damage)

The distended belly fishman drags Hykon into the pool to drown him (CON save or take d6 damage).

The multi-eyed brain uses telekinesis to try and pull Mehrfin towards it (INT save or be dragged to the higher ground).


Morvi is now 2 rounds from death.
[Muel rolls an 8+0 INT, failing the check]
[Muel makes his CON save, which is EASY, 11+3 CON]
He tries again to kick to the surface (17+3 STR)


[YAAAASS, Muel still in the game!!]


[Int 14+3=17]

Mehrfin is still falling through the air when the leg-ding goes off. Something about the angle of his body to the shockwave and perhaps the placement of his shield prevents it from affecting him.

[Def 15+6=21]

Mehrfin lands on the ground against his shield, then rolls out of the way as he sees the electro brain lash out at him.

[Int 1+3=4]

Just as he rolls out of the way, Mehrfin feels himself being dragged, then levitated toward the Southern Quadrant of the battlefield. His shield, being dragged against the ground, falls from his hand and he is unable to grab it back as he is pulled. He looks toward the Southern Quadrant and sees the multi-eyed brain pulsing with energy. Assuming this to be the source of the drag, he takes aim with his arcane missile and lets the energy missile fly from his outstretched hand.

[Int 19+3=22 ME 4+5=9]


[Nice Nice Nice] :ok_hand: :+1:


Hykon lets out a curse as fishface drags him toward the water. He hears the crack of the crab leg strike and curses again as its high pitched whine fills his head.

INT 4+1=5

He momentarily looses focus and fishface uses it to its advantage and drags Hykon down into the water.

CON 16+1=17

Hykons head plunges under the water and the sudden coldness slaps him back to his senses. He brings his knee up, into the bulging belly of fatfish, and rams it home. As fatfish loosens his grip, Hykon kicks his legs and propels himself back to the surface.


[@GaryD20, as Hykon avoided being drowned by passing his save he still has an action]