Play by post anyone?


[I’ll roll to see which brain Quil attacked. Rolled. He attacks the electro one.]

[Please declare which target your going for to avoid confusion]


[@Nivek I love this style]


:slight_smile: [This is me fulfilling with the 20 character requirement]


Muel and Morvi overlap shields and brace themselves for a physical blow from the crackling lightning,
(Muel DEF roll 19+7, Morvi DEF 3+7)
Muel is lucky and withstands the psychic blast, but the shockwave goes right through Morvi’s shield and she takes a knee, gritting her teeth (2/5 HP remaining), her hair standing on end…
Muel pulls her to her feet and, seeing Mehrfen already engaging the Octopus Brain Horror and Quildrum battling the newly hatched Electro-Brain Horror, they move to attack the closest Fishman.
Morvi stays behind her shield (CON roll(?) for Morvi of 19+1 to defend against an attack against herself) and Muel stabs at the Fishman on the left with his spear, trying to keep it at a distance with the weapons reach (STR check of 3+3=6, effort 5+1) and misses…
“Hold still so I can stab you, you slippery bastard!”


Hykon manages to raise his shield, just in time, catching the brunt of the psychic lightning blast of the brain horror.

DEF 12+7=19

As the crackling energy dissipates around him, Hykon slams another bolt home into his cross bow and takes aim at the white eyed Brain Horror floating in the southern quadrant.

DEX 1+1=2 (Ugh)

He lets out a curse, as he steps in a pile of fishman guts. His feet slip in the gore, causing him to loose his balance, and his shot flies wide, missing its mark.


The beak-mouthed brain sinks dead to the ground.

Timer turns to 0.

[@AbbenWisson, as Morvi took a successful defensive stance last round I’m gonna say all saves she needs to make this round are easy].

[I swear to god the following target selection was random! :sob:]

The brain with the crab leg (south quadrant) smacks its leg off the ground, causing a single ringing, deafening note to reverberate across the battlefield. Everyone needs to pass a NORMAL INT save or all other INT actions and saves are HARD for one round.

The electrical charging brain extends some tendrils to stab into Hykon and drink his blood [@GaryD20 make a NORMAL DEFENCE save or suffer 9 damage].

Another egg hatches, leaving one unhatched still on the ground.

The hatchling brain that emerges extends tendrils dripping with poison and attacks Morvi (she needs to pass an EASY DEFENCE save or suffer 4 damage and is poisoned).

A fishman, one with a terribly scarred face, tries to grapple Morvi (she needs to pass either an EASY DEX or EASY STR save to prevent this, or spend a turn grappled). (Grappled characters can still act, they just can’t control where they’re moved).

The other fishman has a hugely distended belly, it claws at Morvi (pass an EASY DEFENCE save or suffer 1 damage)

The multi-eyed brain in the southern quadrant reaches out with its mind to levitate Morvi towards it (she needs to pass a NORMAL INT save or be levitated).

Finally, without warning a massive tentacle emerges from the seawater pool and grapples Quildrum, trying to lift him into the air (he needs to pass an EASY DEX or EASY STR or be grappled next round). (Grappled characters can still act, they just can’t control where they’re moved)

Timer at 3

Target 14

What do you do?


[Int 18+3=21]

Mehrfin sees the crab-legged brain dropping its crab leg. In an odd moment of insight, Mehrfin drops his shield and plugs his ears just in time as the deafening ringing echoes through the area.

Knowing the battle is not over, Mehrfin re-grabs his shield and his frost infuser from the corpse of the beak-mouthed brain, taking pleasure in the fact that his idea had worked and there were signs of the brain being frozen over. His pleasure is short-lived however. Out of the blackish lake had risen the tentacle, and had grabbed Quildrum, perhaps Mehrfin’s truest friend. Almost without thinking, Mehrfin gathers up all the magical energy he can muster, drawing his reserves from the memory ring, and fires one large blast of Arcane Missile magic from his outstretched hand toward the tentacle, hoping to utterly consume whatever beast is connected to it underneath. [Int 16+3=19 ME 7+5 +5(Memory Rings Points) = 17]


Morvi deftly smacks away the Hatchling Brain’s poisonous appendage with the flat of her short sword (DEF 17+2) unaware of the scar-faced Fishman staggering up from behind to grab her. Suddenly Muel barrels into the creature out of nowhere (Intervention Milestone, intercept attack against one CLOSE ally) and is himself entangled in the monster’s slimy grasp (STR 6+3). While Muel grapples with one Fishman, Morvi just barely dances out of the way of the flying claws of the Fishman with the bulging guts(DEF 12+2).
Just as she lands on her back foot the ringing blow from the crab creature travels like a shockwave towards the dwarves, wrapping their brains in cotton momentarily (Both fail their INT checks). Muel looks on incomprehensibly, as Morvi appears to float up and away from him, and towards the Brain with the white, dead eyes (INT 2+0)…
[Whew! Morvi got some good rolls where they counted and Muel filled in the gap where needed! She’s still at 2/5 HP, Muel is grappled]


[I thought owning four d20’s was enough, apparently I’ll have to buy some more! Too bad😀]


[Morvi, Muel and Quildrum can all still act (attack, cast spells etc). They just can’t move from the place they’re being held.]


If the creature levitating her is within her reach, Morvi will take a swing with her short sword (STR 10+2=12, effort of 1) and Muel will attack the face of scar-faced Fishman grappling him with the haft of his spear (STR check of 18+3 and an effort of 6+2!)
“Hands off me kelp-breath!”


[Dang, who’d Morvi piss off??]


DEF Roll 18+7=25

Hykon deftly sidesteps the reaching tentacles of the Brain Horror, as he notches another bolt into his cross bow, and once again takes aim at the multi-eyed monstrosity in the southern quadrant.

DEX 17+1=18 / EFFORT 6+2=8

This time his aim is true, and he lets out a triumphant cry, as the bolt slams home.


[I just realized I get to add UTIMATE damage to the EFFORT, since I rolled 6 on the original EFFORT Roll (d6). Correct?]

EFFORT 6+2=8+7=15

[Also, forgot my INT Save… INT 9+1=10]


[I think you add ULTIMATE if you roll a Nat 20 (also on a 19 with a crossbow).]


[Random Number Gesus just unloaded on poor Morvi, but she’s keeping the faith.]


Yeah, you’re right. My bad. So EFFORT is 6+2=8.


Ok, here’s Quildrum’s turn…

INT Save 10+2=12

STR Save 20+2=22

Quildrum dodges the tentacles as they grab for him. As he steps up and away he brings his sword around in a mighty swing at the tentacle.

STR 1+2=3 (Nope)

He does however still do 2 DAMAGE… Kit Of Spikes, inflicts 1d4 damage on a target even if you miss


[I’ll cash in my Hero Coin to add that +7 ULTIMATE roll back on to Hykon’s effort (or he can re-roll a d12)]
Muel watches the bolt fly past him in slow motion, praying it finds it’s mark, to save Morvi


[Ah, forgot about the Hero Coin. I’m having one of those days fellas. Can’t get the ole noggin to engage. Either way works… can use the 7 from before or the 10 I just re-rolled. Both work.]