Play by post anyone?


[abso-freakin-lutely! It’s island time, baby! WOOO!]


Mehrfin is not one for temples, but figures something must be going on there if priestly powers work. “I do appreciate it, Hykon. Good to have everyone back.”

[I also vote island]


And Hykon chooses the ATTUNED Milestone: Immune to nature and weather magic.


“Mehrfin I think we should enlighten everyone on what we seen from the yag.”
[Duranium signet ring] (ignore 1d4 damage done to me once per rd. n battle.)
" I choose the island also"
Quildrum is battle worn from the previous battle with the tag. He now has leather braces on his wrists his new ring… a few new scares but nothing that he’s not used to. A sword with spikes n shield on his person. Along with a few new holes n his clothing. But stays battle ready.


“My comrades. When we went to investigate the Yag tower, we discovered a phantasm. The spiritual-esque creature that we believe is the spirit of the Yag tried to suck me dry of my magical abilities more than once, and had it not been for Quildrum, I would not be here today.”

“I go to the island with you for the sake of Durhadda, but I fear for the future of Durhadda. At some point, I would ask that you assist me in defeating this creature. Otherwise any scientific or magical growth of Durhadda may very well be in jeopardy. Besides, whatever this creature’s end goals, it is depriving Durhadda of its magical defenses.”

“Sadly, I was less than valiant in my fight against the creature. Quildrum was more so. He may have noticed something I did not.”


“I did notice that he would disappear n reappear wen striking and my sword really didn’t have any effect on him.” He did try and get inside our heads cause for a second, I had crazy thoughts of horror and about saw Mehrfin get his jaw taken off." “There’s got to be a way of making him whole long enough to strike him. Other than that… I have no ideas, but he’s definitely strong or getting stronger with every mage he takes down.”


“Hykon, just maybe that singing arrow may come in handy when and if we see the yag again and I’m pretty sure we will sooner than later.”


“OH YEAH!?!” “What happened to Furlan?” “Did yall lose him or your journey?”


“Not sure what happenend to Furlan really,” Hykon tells the others. “We awoke one morning to find that he had gone. He left a note saying only that something came up and he had to go.”


“Not sure how much good a singing arrow will do against this Yag creature you describe, but hopefully you are right.” Hykon looks around at his companions, Mehrfin and Quildrum. “From what you tell of this thing, we will need all the help we can get.”


“Hykon … would the temple have something that we could use against a spirit creature like the Yag?”


I wonder if maybe the dungeons under the library hold some keys to victory? Maybe after the island?


“Works for me. Probably a safer experience than going to the Yag tower. I do like libraries.”

[I’m going to assume that at some point Mehrfin will be sitting in a foyer at the temple while Hykon makes arrangements. As he sits there, I want him to be working on a spell that adds cold elemental power to a standard weapon. I’m wanting to enchant the whip blade so that it causes magical cold damage on impact. Int 11+3=14. @Smittumi … I need to clarify with you the length of time this weapon will last since it was a spell generated item, if it has a time limit like the spike did or if it has permanence, or can be made permanent. Thanks.]


Hykon looks at Mehrfin thoughtfully. “Wouldn’t hurt to ask,” he says. “I’ll inquire of Father Verrin. Maybe he knows something of this… Yag.” He turns and heads off to find Isa Verrin (to make arrangements for Mehrfin’s cleansing, as well as to inquire of Verrin concerning the Yag and of anything that might aid the party in defeating it.) “At the very least,” Hykon calls back over his shoulder, “I don’t think a little Holy Water would hurt for us to have.”


[Did someone say dungeon crawl?]


[Actually, the Yag has the next lowest counter after the Island. Hate to think what might happen if it runs out before we deal with him. But who can turn down a good old fashioned dungeon crawl??]


[I can see us returning victorious from our dungeon crawl only to have the entire Durhadda area sucked dry of life, or zombified … that might actually be a pretty neat campaign.]


[The Walking Dead Of Durhadda… It does have a nice ring to it.]


I agree but there’s a lot of hell that comes with that but I’m down. Wth… lol


[Hykon needs to make a normal WIS check for the ritual to remove Mehrfin’s curse.

Mehrfin: the Whip sword lasts for MAGIC EFFORT number of rounds. That’ll be the case for all devices. However, whenever you Summon this Whip sword it’s got the cold tag too.

Muel, you can replace your armour no problem, but I need a CHA or INT roll to help the defence effort, and the Lightwatch about the enemy?

Quildrum, are you just chilling?]