Play by post anyone?


[What a line! 20 chara…]


Muel and Morvi both roll 15+5(Defender ability?) Either way I rolled 2 15’s [new dice❤️] and both Morvi and Muel will carefully retreat, trying to use the smoke to their advantage:
DEX roll of 14+0 for Muel and a Nat 1+1 for Morvi…


[Def 16+6=22] Mehrfin yanks himself away from the wraith. He begins to yell, “Die you ghostly bast***,” [Def 1+6=7] only to have his mouth practically torn off by a ghostly claw.

Mehrfin, a bit dazed, but remembering some funky weapon he read about in a book once, reaches into his ring, conjuring a chain whip sword [Int 17+3=20 “Create Device ME”]. Standing his ground he thinks about saying something clever, but the blood oozing from his throbbing mouth prevents him from speaking.



At the Ruins of Kiln Hykon, Muel and Morvi turn and run back up the hill away from the orc war camp, but the scrub orcs are in pursuit.

[Timer turns to 0]

Four snow orcs, drawn to the sounds of the chaos, hurl javelins at the fleeing heroes.

The scrubs catch up to the three adventurers just as the javelins land.

[All three make an EASY defence save or suffer 8 damage from the scrub orcs chopping at you as you flee]

Then Hykon make a normal defence save or suffer 5 damage from a snow orc javelin.

**Muel make a normal defence save or suffer 3 damage from a snow orc javelin.

And Morvi normal defence save or suffer 2 damage from a snow orc javelin.]

Rerolled timer is at 4

Target is back down to 12 as you’re not completely surrounded by an orc camp.

What do you do?


Quildrum and Mehrfin stand ready to continue the fight. Mehrfin is now armed with a conjured whip-sword (d6 damage or can be used to grapple an enemy limb).

Quildrum’s steel spikes should have ripped into Yag, but seemed to have no effect.

[Timer drops to zero]

At that moment Yag stops mid-flight and stares at the two heroes, then slowly disappears into a vapour and vanishes.

There is a pause while both of them see if the monter returns. But no. All is quiet on the cliff-side road. It is the evening, and Iron Heart can be seem peeking through the clouds.

The previously cast doorway portal remains open.

Target 12
Rerolled timer is at 2

What do you do?

[If you just want to Doorway somewhere else no need to roll in these circumstances - just tell me where.]


“So Mehrfin what do we do now, cause re-entering that tower doesn’t sound like a good idea.”


Hykons EASY DEF SAVE 8+7=15

Hykons NORMAL DEF SAVE 13+7=20


Mehrfin turns to his friend , his face and mouth bleeding. He speaks, and it sounds something like this. “Mfh men e’ toh bah kana”, which, depending on how discerning Quildrum is, means: “Yeah. Not without reinforcements at least.”

Mehrfin is of a mind to go back to Durhadda and meet with a healer. He’ll redirect the doorway accordingly.


Quildrum says “Seems like you may need a healer, direct us back to Durhadda.” We need to find the others after that… we gonna need help for sure.


[@GaryD20, Hykon still has an action. Do you wanna keep running, or try something else, or are you wanting to see what Muel thinks?]


Muel’s EASY was a 14+5=19 and his NORMAL was a 4+5=9
Morvi’s EASY was a 4+5=9 and she goes down… (she only has 5HP) her NORMAL roll was a 12…

Morvi takes a brutal slash and falls, Muel dodges the scrub orcs attack, only to be blindsided by a javelin…

He’ll rush back to try and scoop up Morvi and drag her to safety:
STR check 3+3=6 [damn these swingy dice!!]


Mehrfin makes the appropriate adjustments and heads through the portal.


Where are Muel and Morvi in relation to Hykon? In front of him, behind him, off somewhere else running in a different direction? Does he have any idea?


Ok, this is what Hykon does… In and of itself, he just keeps booking it from his pursuers, trying to loose them, if only for just a second, so he can come to a stop and go invisable, using the power of his Cloak of Green Bark. If Muel and Morvi are in front of him and Hykon sees Morvi go down and Muel struggling to pick her up, then he will stoop (stupe??) down on his way past and try to haul Morvi up into his arms, tossing her over his shoulder, and keep hauling arse.

DEX 16+1=17 ( for hauling arse from pursuers)

STR (for scooping Morvi up, if possible) 10+1=11


Quildrum follows Mehrfin thru the portal


[@GaryD20, I think Hykon has to choose. He can either run away (and with that DEX check you made he’ll be safely away), or he can stay and help.

As you didn’t know the deal I’ll let you reroll whatever action Hykon takes if he stays. Or keep the DEX check and escape to safety if he goes.

Muel tried and failed to scoop up Morvi. Morvi is down so had no action.

Timer 4
Target 12

Hykon, what do you do?


Everyone take a Hero Coin, you’ve all been working hard, it’s excellent.


Quildrum and Mehrfin emerge from the portal, back at Durhadda and into the evening air, with the comforting sounds of the town and relative safety.

They retire to the Nag’s Head and feel rested by morning. [Both back to full HP]

The town is preparing defences for the possible orc seige, everyone is busy with something. There are the and folks here as before; the lightwatch, the smithy, the House of Amash etc.

Target 9
Timer 4

What do you do?


Ok, well, Hykon can’t abandon his friends in their time of need. So, he’ll go ahead and pull up where his friends are, turn to face the advancing Orc Scum and readies his Atomic Palm Spell.

He has to wait and cast it on his next turn? Or can do it now?

If now then WIS 14+2=16

Hykon uses his will to lift himself up into the air and upon descending smacks his palm upon the ground creating a seismic burst that does ULTIMATE to all NEAR targets.

ULIMATE ROLL… 12 (:sunglasses:)

And if I can, on the Hero Coin, ME says can use it to re-roll any roll again or to add d12 to any roll. If I can use it (this is the first HC we got, never used it) to add d12 to the EFFORT Roll??

If so, EFFORT 12+7=19 total

If not, then will just hold on to the HC for later.


[If not, I’ll use my Hero Coin to add to your ME EFFORT, smack them up Hykon! Atomic Palm!? What the what!?]