Play by post anyone?


As Quildrum gets thru the portal, he waits to see if Mehrfin makes it.
Int: 14+2=16
Quildtum shakes his head at the thought he just had for a second… if Mehrfin makes it he asks “what in all the gods name was that my friend?”


Mehrfin (Def 19+6=25) (Int 9+3=12)


Hykon looks on in disbelief as Muel takes off running, through the smoke, toward the Scrub Orcs. “Didn’t see that coming,” he says shaking his head.

Can Hykon tell how many of these Scrub Orcs there are that Muel is rushing into? Might be useful to know in determining what to do.


[@GaryD20 it’s a horde of about ten]


[1❤️ let’s DO THIS!]
“Morvi, Hykon! I can’t seeeeee! Aiiii!”


Quildrum and Mehrfin, the human on the other side of the portal, the tornton still stood in the tower, both fall to their knees and desperately press their hands over their eyes and ears.

[The INT test was hard, making the final Target 18].

The terrible visions stay with them for a moment. Long enough for Yag to Blink back into existence and act again.

The wraith draws up its hand and plunges it deep into the mage’s chest, trying to drain him of his very life essence. [Mehrfin needs to pass a HARD Defence roll or take 7 damage AND forget a random spell].

Yag slashes again with his claw [Mehrfin needs to pass a HARD Defence roll or take 2 damage].

Finally, the monster screams again - its voice echoing through the tower and even onto the roadside through the portal [again, both must pass a HARD INT check or miss a turn to terrible visions]

Target 15
Timer 2

What do you do?


[Hmm, I think I made the frequency of the scream attack too harsh]


[@GaryD20 you still have an action, so does Morvi]


“The ones with machetes and clubs are unrighteous, brother! They won’t be reasoned with!”
Muel flails around in the smoke a bit


[I have no problem running the @#$& away if things start going south, BTW. Just harassing their flanks and testing their defenses, we could say. We have some time before the snow orcs wander over still]


Mehrfin resists having the life sucked out of him. (Def 20+6=26)

Mehrfin takes a claw to his Torton form. (Def 7+6=13 HP 8)

Mehrfin is able to resist the effects of the scream (Int 18+3=21)

[If I am able to stand I am going to throw an arcane missile at this bloke (Int 10+3=13) and run through the portal. I’ll unleash my saved up energy 6 with the attack (ME 2+5+6=13)]


Quildrum see a couple a spots in his eyes, so he blinks, still shaking hid head.(INT 17+2=19) HE YELLS" MEHRFIN!!! Do you need me!?!?" “MY FRIEND!?!?!” he still in kneeling position from the earlier horror that went thru his head.
This is my action…


[@GaryD20 do you need more info? It’s a horde of ten mook scrub orcs, the others are unsure what to do]


[Sorry, been tied up.]

One last question. These 10 armed scrubs mixed in with the others? Or are they in a seperate cloister?


[@GaryD20 they’ve separated out and formed up into a unit]


Ok, Morvi will follow Muel into the smoke and readies an attack. [Not sure what she has for a weapon. Assuming a sword or something melee like.]

STR 2 (ugh)

Hykon turns his attention to the Scrubs that are unsure of what to do and tries to persuade them of the parties noble intentions in freeing them and tries to persuade them to take up the fight and assist in dealing with the group of armed Scrubs.

CHR 8+1=9 (double ugh)


Muel and Morvi turn from the dead slave-driver and counter-charge the scrub orcs through the smoke, but fail to land any hits.

In response the ten scrubs, who have now formed a fang formation, set about the dwarves with their own weapons.

[Muel and Morvi must pass an EASY defence roll or suffer 8 damage].

Meanwhile Hykon tries to rally the undecided orcs to assist them. A few shout out about their ill-treatment at the hands of the elven overlords, but countering those are cries of “Traitor!”. Before Hykon knows what’s happening the remaining scrub orcs have turned on one another and a huge mass brawl breaks out. Hykon is largely ignored as the scrubs smash and batter one another with increasing fury.

[Timer counts down]

The two-snow orc patrol, hearing the heightened level of noise, jog towards the brawl and call on two others to join them.

Target 15
Timer 1

What do you do?

[If you want to flee the smoke will just about give you enough cover. A HARD DEX would do it, but if you fail your enemy keeps pace and has the initiative.]


Quildrum stands on the cliff-road, waiting and watching as Mehrfin comes barrelling through the portal, turns and fires an arcane missile at Yag who appears a fraction of a second later.

The missile misses the swift wraith, then Yag once again moves in for the kill.

He blinks out for a moment before reappearing and again attempting to drain the Mage of life. [Make a HARD Defence check or take 3 damage and lose one spell]

Yag then tries to rip at Mehrfin’s face. [Make a HARD Defence check or take 4 damage]

[Both. You’re outdoors now and near to woods with lots of hiding places. If you still want to flee, a HARD DEX roll will allow you to escape by pretty much throwing yourself down the cliff in an uncontrolled route and into the forest.

But if you miss you don’t lose Yag and he’s got the initiative.]

Target 12 (as you’re now not in the oppressive dark of the tower)
Timer 1

What do you do?


Quildrum will swing his sword at the tag swiftly
Attack 4+2=6… oh hell
With my spikes on my sword I still do 1d4 damage
Damage: 1d4- 2


Hykon turns shell and runs, trying to use the cover of the smoke to slip away.

DEX 7+1=8 (nope)

As he runs off he pulls the hood of his cloak up. If he can find a place to stand still at it will make him nearly invisible as long as he doesn’t move (Green Bark Cloak.)