Play by post anyone?


[Hykon, how do you feel about killing the snow orc now that we have the drop on him? I can make yours or Morvi’s attack EASY and we just have to hope we can KO him before the other snow orcs see what’s going on. Maybe from there we can give the scrub orcs the old “you didn’t see nothing” as we drag him into the bushes?]


[Yes, that 20 character limit is annoying.]


[Works for me.]

INITIATIVE ROLL: 4 [Seriously??]


[@AbbenWisson and @GaryD20 You guys won the initiative, you’re free to act]


[We already have the initiative.]
[Let’s get this done then! I’ll roll STR checks for Morvi and I to attack the guard and try to take him out quietly and quickly…]
Muel taps his tabard with the Lighthouse insignia and then taps Morvi’s own tabard [BATTLE STANDARD, EASY roll], "let’s be brave together everyone! Even a small victory is still a victory…
Morvi rolls a 12+2 STR check to attack with her small sword
Muel rolls(oof) a 6+3 STR check.
As Muel rushes in to begin the fight he smashes the JAR OF SMOKE onto the ground, NEAR where the snow orc is, to obscure the scuffle.


Hykon will follow Muel and Morvi and will attack with a sword stab should it be needed.

STR 17+1=18


I need to see effort rolls too, guys.


EFFORT 6+1=7 (20 charactet limit)


Effort for Morvi is 5+0
And Muel missed most likely but he rolls a 1+2


Mehrfin comes running down the stairs, huffing and puffing and clearly panicked. “Go! Go! Go!” he yells down at Quildrum as he clears the stairs into the kitchen area. (Dex 20+1=21)

[@Smittumi … what is the hallway made out of? Wood? Stone? Thanks]


Quildrum runs toward the door n yells 'DOORWAY PORTAL!!!"


Close on Quildrum’s heels, Mehrfin attempts to cast doorway near the entrance (Int 16+3=19), visualizing the hilltop where the wagon almost fell off the cliff in case something manages to follow them.


[@Nivek the exterior of the tower is stone, supporting interior walls are stone, others are wood. The stairs here are wood.]


Hykon, Muel and Morvi emerge from the thick smoke and suddenly strike down the snow orc slave-master before he even knows what is happening.

[Timer turns to 2]

Further away, a patrol of snow orcs see the billowing smoke above the scrub orc workers area, one rolls his eyes and the other shrugs. They begin making there way over and will arrive in a couple of moments.

The smoke carries over the whole area. Most of the scrub orcs are unsure what to do, but one group of them grab up their machetes and clubs and begin hunting for the heroes.

Luckily the smoke buys them a moment to act.

Target 15
Timer 2

What do you do?


Mehrfin runs down the stairs and clears space between him and the pursuing Yag.

[This basically buys you a moment]

He then casts a doorway and the swirling portal opens before the two heroes.

Yag comes charging down the stairs and into the room.

Quildrum can take one action. Then it’s the GM turn.

Target 15
Timer 4

Quildrum, what do you do?


Quildrum yells “My friend come on, I’ll meet ya on the other side!” Quildrum runs thru the portal…


[@Condorthegreat, is that your action?]


My fault…I fixed my post.


Muel rushes into the smoke and slashes at the nearest scrub orcs with his spear. [Hykon can control Morvi this round if he wants]
Muel rolls a Nat 1 to attack… Fml. (4 effort)


Quildrum makes it through the portal while Mehrfin completes the spell. It will remain open for [rolled] 4 rounds.

Yag screams through the air towards Mehrfin, slashing at the tornton with rending claws and letting out a deafening cry that fills the mage’s head with visions of horror.

Then, just as suddenly as he appeared, Yag blinks out of the air and is gone.

Mehrfin must pass a HARD Defence roll or suffer 1 damage.

Both must pass a HARD INT check or lose their turn as horrid visions of death and wickedness swim through their minds.

Target 15
Timer 3

What do you do?