I think I’ve found love in pixels!
Made this thing with chopped up tiles sheets!


nostalgia for them old classic rpgs i dig it. you running online games w/ these???


Yeah man! I’m prepping for a oneshot running my Final Fantasy Hack :wink: Now that I’ve finished my latest campaign my heart has found room for the Hack and yet again. Hank said some words about it that inspired me to make a One Shot with it instead of a full supplement :smiley:


nice!!! if you got an open spot let me know would love to play in one of your games!!!


Same. This looks rad as all hell.


These look great! you should make the side scroll battle screens for combat encounters. Nice work.


You know it LC!

@sjleland - thanks! And hell yeah!

@Ezzerharden For sure! I’ve experimented alittle with doing such battles. I thiiink they will need some props and alot of TOTM to become truly worthy of a ttrpg battle. Right now for the oneshot I have a “battle background” set up for a short scene in between two maps


holy final fantasy batman!!! :grin:


long live pixel art! just joined a project for a plattformer where i should do the music. and the guy who is doing the game does all the pixelart by himself. so nice artwork to do


For you FF-lovers this Throne Room is inside Alexander’s helmet ;]


How do you make such cool pixel map? Online tool?


I brows through Spriters Resource or Google and use GIMP to cut the pieces I need and put them together in Roll20.
Thankfully GIMP has a Grid that can be sized to the pixel and the ability resize low rez pixel art to higher rez!



Great location, real fan service. :herocoin: :smile: