Pirates of Dark Water World Map


This was my favorite cartoon growing up but they never finished it. And I could never find a map I liked so I made this in Inkarnate to run a campaign!! . So I figured its time to give it a conclusion by playing it ICRPG style. Going to also be borrowing heavily from Kindred Oaths ICRPG setting World of Aurora. Check that out if you havn’t , its great stuff. Chunks for sweet ships I cant wait. If you have never seen the show watch it. 20 episodes packed with rpg goodness.


Hey thanks for the shoutout! I hope you can put some of Aurora to use.

I can’t recall watching this but I’ll definitely be looking it up, so thanks!


Thanks, your setting was one of the things that inspired me to put this together as we knew we wanted to do a pirate theme next. The show is packed with cool locales you could add in any setting and had way more of a plot than most 80s/90s cartoons.


Noy jitat, this is effing dope! Beautiful job on the map and Kindred’s Aurora setting is a great choice for ships and oceans. Love Pirates of Dark Water. I have the dvd set and the original Sega game still, hehe. I’m a bit of a fan…


After looking it up, I do recognize the characters and ships so I must have watched it years ago but I’m going to rewatch it now LOL


Yes. Yes. Yes.
I was thinking about creating an archipelago setting for my kids to play in.
This is just the best idea ever. I loved this show growing up. It still bothers me to this day that they never finished it. In fact, I remember nickelodeon having a bumper video between commercial break and shows where they shared a fan letter asking what happened to the last episodes of the PoDW and they cut to a video of a cat drinking milk and then explained that the tape must have been recorded over. Kind of funny but irritating.
I was thinking that I wish someone would remake this show, so that my children could experience it. It hadn’t donned on me that they could experience the show via ICRPG.


Thanks glad you like it! I am excited to run something in this world.


Love that. Also planning to run Pirate campaign. Such great setting !


This is really cool! Your map really sparks the imagination for some fun, swashbuckling action


Thanks, I wanted to make it in such a way that there was enough places to have adventures at even if they were not named so the players could never get bored with travel. Like hey lets stop there and see whats going on with this island. My only regret is not putting in the Isle of dread somewhere but I might make a version where I drop the world name and add that in the space. None of my players have watched Dark Water except my brother so it will all be surprises for them. Plus I think its a pretty good overarching quest for a campaign to be searching for the 13 treasures. Even without seeing the show you can use the map as you see fit and i think still have tons of fun with it making stuff up as you go along.