Pileggi's Halloween Pals (2and3 of 19)


Okay, so the community project will continue since we got TWO responses on the first one! Fill out this template as much as you’d like for each. All repliers will have their screenname listed as a Contributor in the final PDF.

# of Hearts:
Flavor Text:


Name: Brother Travis
# of Hearts: One
Attack: Holy Water (Magic Effort) :Blessed Liquid, add WIS bonus to EFFORT against Elder, or Daemonic Creatures.
Attack: …Torch Strike (Magic Effort)
Attack: “The Wrist Thrashing of the Righteous” “Hes No Rocky…” 1d4 Basic Effort On a 20 he does ULTIMATE roll a d4 (Breaks his wriist on a 1)
**Feature:**Torch of Brother Igbun: This Holy, EVERBURNING LightSource ignites with a short prayer. There is no darkness that cannot be lit by its hallowed flames.
Feature: “…as of a grain of Mustard Seed…” Brother Travis’ lack of true faith is of no worry to him…he has a fondness for the Elder Gods Lore, and Possesses a copy of the dreaded Necronomicon. -3 to all rolls against Elder Beings.
Feature: “…and I will poor out the windows of heaven…” If struck down, body explodes in a holy nova within NEAR (DOUBLE ULTIMATE)
Flavor Text: “I am weak, but Though art Strong…”



Name: Father Alexandru // Dragos Vladromovich the 3rd
# of Hearts: 2
Attack: “OBEY!” CHA save or under his control for 1D4 rounds (single target)
Attack: “KNEEL!” WIS or kneel; WIS to break free but uses your action! (AOE)
Attack: Crushing blow – > deals ULTIMATE with his mace and on a 17(+) destroys all your ARMOR!
Feature: 2 actions
Feature: Doppelganger – > Dragos appears as a priest to fool adventurers
Feature: Heavily armored – > reduce all EFFORT dealt to Dragos by 4 (minimum of 1 on a hit)
Feature: Deceptive – > Dragos will wait for the right moment to fully reveal his true identity (if at all)
Flavor Text: “We Romanians have a violent history…”


Another one down!