Pileggi's Halloween Pals (1of19)


Statting monsters is fun. Maybe we can do Pileggi’s commissioned Halloween monsters together as a community. I will post one monster from the collection each day or two, along with a template for people to fill out in a Reply. Then I’ll compile the best ones in a PDF and post it here, all before Halloween!

So here goes. Fill out this template as much as you’d like! All repliers will have their screenname listed as a Contributor in the final PDF.

“Explorer Chum”

# of Hearts:
Flavor Text:


I’m totally game for this. I thought this image was for use as a player character – with that being said, I like the creative challenge!

As an enemy:


  • 2


  • Stealth rolls are impossible when the lantern exposes you
  • He gains DEX (+5) shooting rolls when players are within NEAR of the lantern
  • The heavy lantern can be swung when CLOSE for ULTIMATE to all CLOSE targets
  • Explodes – > if thrown, the lantern hurts all NEAR targets to impact for 3D WEAPON effort and on-going WEAPON to anyone caught in the blast; you have to spend a round putting yourself out or take the on-going damage

Hand Cannon

  • 1D4 shots each round

Explorer Boots

  • Can move FAR and still take an action

Grounds Keeper

  • He knows secret passages and hidden nooks – > can disappear if near a wall or appear out of a wall using blueprints (loot item)
  • His knowledge of his environment lets him spring traps on the players (spikes, gas, collapsing floor or walls, etc.) as an action on his turn – > wherever he is, there is most likely a trap!


  • Killing him would be murder!

Willie the Grounds Keeper
Willie isn’t necessarily evil; he is just a hard worker and right now his job is keeping you out! He is often employed by city officials to protect places others should not be. Graveyards, sewers, abandoned churches, warehouses, etc. He never questions who is paying his fee and as such sometimes falls under the employment of darker entities seeking to be left alone.



  • Grunt


  • 1


  • Multiple Grunts walk a circuit around the map. The circuit has forks in the road that the grunts choose at random each time making it more difficult for the PCs to sneak by and have to adapt to the situation.

  • If the Grunts see a trespasser they DASH for the alarm located centrally in the room. STOP them before they get to the alarm.

Grunt Bandana

  • All the Grunts wear the same uniform and are pretty hard to tell apart making it possible for a PC to impersonate as a grunt.


  • Ranged attack for WEPON EFFORT


  • The map is a cavern with narrow passageways that the grunts and the PCs have to navigate to get from one side of the map to the other so they can get to the big boss of the Grunts.


I love all the ideas, guys. Keep 'em coming on the next round of monsters that I just posted in another post.