Physical hero coin ideas wanted!


I’ve been thinking about making some hero coins for my families game. Had been looking for maybe an svg file of a wizard lock to have my wife cut it out on her cricut and then slap in onto some miniature bases. Got me wondering what you other shields have been using or if you use physical coins at all. Hit me with your ideas!



I use Physical Coins, I find that a physical coin keeps it in players minds when they look down at the table to review their attempt roll.

I have a bag of 50 metal coins costs about $20 USD.

Though I do have experience with 3D Modeling, I probably could make a Wizard lock Stl or Obj file for 3d printing.



Got my bloody shield tokens for hero coins :shield:


I do prefer physical coins, typically using metal coins that resemble the genre we are currently playing. I did run a short fantasy campaign where I got each player a ring to wear (each had a unique design). I gave them the rings during first session and then later revealed that these would act as Hero Coins, they just traded the ring in whenever they used the “coin” and then wore them whenever I handed them out. It was kind of fun!


Hey I was able to get some from a coin and dice store called Norse Foundry during a convention, but you can get adventure coins on Amazon or other online retailers.


I bought some replicas of an 8th Century Saxon coin.

I’d post a picture or a link, but the forum software isn’t allowing me to post links or pictures.


Oddly enough, after doing a tiny bit of Google searching for making coins and such, this video from “skill tree” popped up in my YouTube feed. It’s about a few different methods for making coins for LARPing. I think I’m going to give electroplating a shot and see how it goes.
I’m unable to post links yet either, but if you do a youtube search for “skill tree make coins” it should pop up.



Here you go @Pyrix137 , I believe this is the one you’re referencing.


That’s the one! I hadn’t seen any of the videos from this channel before, but he’s got some neat stuff!


I haven’t played ICRPG yet but have bought the book. I’ve been playing some Pathfinder 2e for a few months. I use Poker Chips for this sort of thing.


I ended up ordering some heavy, metal coins online. I’ll try and post a picture of them when I get a chance. My players don’t know about them yet so it will be a fun surprise.


I run a game with an Arabian nights setting so my wife printed for me some gold coins which say “hero” in Arabic on them.


I’ve purchased chocolate ‘coins’ covered in a gold faux wrapper. You give them the coin and when they use it they eat the chocolate…

For some reason, it was a hit.


Now that’s a great idea! We always have leftover “gelt” after Chanukah.


That’s such an awesome idea, I love it!


And if they eat their Hero coin before using it, they lose it! :slight_smile:


I’m partial to metal coins, and there are some really nice ones to be found on Etsy–some custom and some mass-produced. I found one that I thought was a good fit called Fantasy Coins - Rangers Gold, and the price came out to like $1.32 each after shipping for a 10-pack.


Poker chips! I like gambling implication of them, and you can get some really cool novelty ones. Maybe some that are modeled after a trickster god?


I like this idea, if i have time in the coming weeks i will contemplate a Trickster coin maybe have something to represent loki on one side and the rune hammer on the other