Pathfinder Deep Dive Video: Tracking down some resources



Got a chance to watch the Pathfinder 2E deep dive video and Hank tosses out some references to stuff I want to try and hunt down:

At 44:10 there’s a mention that if we want to see him play in a game we can check out the RFE(?) YouTube channel? That sounds fun, but I’m not 100% on what three letters he says are the channel name. I’ve been hunting for various combinations of letters that sound like them and re-listening to hear better what he’s saying, but no luck so far.

At 1:02:39 we find out that Viking Death Squad will be its own system and setting soon, and that there’s a website to check it out–but I haven’t been able to hunt down the right address for it.

Anyway if anyone can point me to the above answers, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!


Roll for Effort on YT:

Viking Death Squad:


Awesome. Embarrassment of riches! Thanks so much. Can’t wait to check all this out!