Our classless OSE Hack + it's character sheet



Ahoy Shields!

Just like in Hank’s or everybody’s games, the rules of our group are always changing, evolving.
We got to a point, when its pretty stable, so i thought it is worth to share maybe to give some inspiration.

The key points:

Two types of roll:

  • Ability rolls - d20 roll under,
  • Strife roll - dX roll high, just like the efforts in ICRPG. We use dice chain (d4-d6-d8-d10-d12)

Attack and spell rolls:

  • STR - melee attack: if success, use your weapon & hit die to damage you opponent. (2-handed weapon - double the die, 2 weapons - advantage on the roll)
  • INT - cast spells: if success, use your spell die to determine the measure of success. You can cast with disadvantage (roll twice, take the higher), to boost the power level of the spell. It is stackable and the effect doubles each time (power level 2 - 2x spell dice, power level 3 - 4x spell dice, etc…). You can spend points of your STR, DEX or CON to help the roll (just like in DCC).
  • WIS - ranged attacks: if success, use your weapon & hit die to damage you opponent.
  • CHA - cast prayers: if success, use your spell die to determine the measure of success.

How does Armor work : You have an Armor die depending on the armor you wear. The enemy rolls against your DEX value. If is hits you, it rolls damage, but you also roll armor die and reduce it from the damage.

  • Light armor: d4
  • Medium armor: d6 (your max DEX can be 15) Disadvantage for tasks which meant to be silent
  • Heavy armor: d8 (your max DEX can be 12) Disadvantage for spellcasting
  • Shield: +1 on the armor dice chain. (Medium armor + Shield = d8) Can’t cast spells or use ranged weapons while holding it.

Types of STRIFE rolls

  • WEAPON & HIT die: the damage of your weapon and the HP you recover from healing / resting,
  • SPELL die: the effectiveness of your casted spell
  • GRIT die: you get GRIT points from failing, what you can later spend to use your GRIT die (reduce from an ability check, or add to an other STRIFE roll). Ways to get GRIT: Rollling a critical failure, fail twice at the same task, special ability etc.)
  • SAVE die: roll, when you to save againt a brutal effect (like falling, poisoning, usual saving throw stuff). The GM decides the intensity of the effect, and choose a die to represent it (examples: d4 - mild poisoning, d8 - petrification glaze of a basilisk, d12 - the death ray of a beholder). Roll your die againts it, if you roll lower suffer the entire effect, if you meet or beat, resist it, or suffer a milder effect (like only slow from the petrification glaze).


LOAD (=STR score): how many items can you bear.
SUPPLY (=INT score): you can use supply for resources like torches, or potions like in Five Torches Deep.

Creating a character:

  • Choose your race (more like a flavor, but you can play it out, like Dwarf - stonecunning + advantage against poisoning)
  • Choose your background (like veteran soldier, gong farmer etc…)
  • Come up with a short story, or motivations, list of languages maybe.
  • Roll 2d6+3 six times in a row. These are your attributes.
  • Mark down your resources (HP, Load, Supply)
  • Give d8 and d6 for a Strife, the other are d4.
  • Decide what kind of armor / weapons are you using. Mark down your Armor die.
  • Get some equipment, and gogogo.

Leveling up:

  • Choose a Stat, roll a d20 if you roll higher, then the stat, give it +1. You can have 18 max.
  • Choose a Strife, and make it one step higher of the dice chain.

Example for a Level 2 character:

Currently testing:

EZD6 Wealth system in OSE.

It’s a mish-mash but we like it. Feel free to give some constructive criticism. :slight_smile:

Game on!


Every time you update us on your tables hack, I get inspired! Thanks for sharing!


It’s great to read! :slight_smile:


This is the good stuff! I have been dissatisfied with many OSR rulesets, but this is one I can get behind. I’ll have to look into running it someday. Thanks for sharing!