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Hi. KingW00k007 from the Discord. First post in the forums!

I wanted to share the house rules I came up with for the OSE game that I was running, and will continue to run after we get through our Sci Fi kick. For reference, we started this game as 5E Hardcore Mode, then I converted it to full OSE with the Advanced Supplements. Feel free to criticize, steal, and hack any of this you wish to!

House Rules:
We are using the Optional rules detailed on page 36 of the Advanced Fantasy Rules from OSE in regards to Class and Race being separate. Ignore the entries in the Basic Rules on Race as Class, and refer to the Advanced Fantasy Rules otherwise.
**If you REALLY want to play a Race as Class, let me know, that would be fine as well. I just figure the Race/Class separation is better suited for most of you. This would NOT apply for converted Races from 5e, they do not have a Class option. So anything in the Basic Rules or Advanced Rules is game legal.

Step 3 Character Creation:
No using this step to get a score to 18. 18 represents a Demi-Gods level of natural ability in this game. Only Luck can get you here by A) Rolling 18, or B) Rolling 17 and picking a Race that gives +1 to said ability. No abilities can go above 18 without very powerful magic.

We are not using Racial restrictions on classes or levels gained in classes EXCEPT that Dwarves cannot be Magic-Users. All other class and race restrictions are not being used.

Bump Hit Dies up by one die size. IE, Warriors get 1d10 instead of 1d8, and Magic-Users get 1d6 instead of 1d4. Thieves bump by two die sizes to 1d8 instead of 1d6.

Leveling Up
At 5th level you may raise one ability score by 1 point. You can do this again at 9th level and 14th level. No score can be raised above 18 in this manner, and if a score is already 18 or higher, you may not raise it.

Using Spells from AD&D 1E alongside OSE Spells. If the spell exists in both, use your preferred version, but notate which book so when we need to resolve the spell, we know where to look, and let me know so I can create/update it in Foundry for your character as the module only has basic ose spells available for the moment.

Spells casting time is never less than 1 round, but it can be more than 1 round.

Material Components are substituted by a Magic-Users Staff, Wand, or Rod, and Divine Spell Casters Holy Symbol. (In other words, no need to buy material components for the most part. There may be exceptions to this, and if/when those come up, we will determine together what that may entail.)

Magic-User/Illusionist: At 14th Level you gain access to cast a single 7th Level spell per day
Cleric/Druid: At 12th Level you gain access to cast 1 6th Level spell per day, becomes 2 at 13th Level and 3 at 14th Level. In addition at 14th Level you gain 1 7th Level Spell per day.

Bonus spells per level for high stats (Int for Magic-Users, Wis for Divine):
(These Stack. You get ALL the bonus spells for your score and below once you are high enough level to cast spells of that level. If you have 14+ Int at 1st Level Magic-User, you have 1 spell slot for class, and 2 bonus slots for 1st level spells.)

Ability Score Spell Bonus
13 One 1st level
14 One 1st level
15 One 2nd level
16 One 2nd level
17 One 3rd level
18 One 4th level

Warrior classes gain the additional feature alongside existing features in the class descriptions:

Warrior Level Attacks per Melee Round
1-5 1/1 round
6-10 3/2 rounds
10 & up 2/1 round

Combat rules are on pages 120-125 in the Basic Rules and 48-49 in the Advanced Rules. All standard rules in effect unless stated otherwise here. Optional Rules in effect will be detailed here as well.

Combat Rules Not Being Used: Slow Weapons, Ascending Armour Class, Attack Matrixes.

Optional Combat Rules Being Used: THAC0, Variable Weapon Damage, Invulnerabilities, Subduing, Morale, All rules in the Advanced Rules combat section, Weapon Proficiency rules on page 53 of the Advanced Rules book.

Sundering: Once per session if you are wielding a shield you can choose to sunder it and take no damage from one attack. The shield is then completely broken and unusable.

Initiative: Keeping side based initiative. However, we are going to eliminate the separation of move, missile, and melee actions. Turns will be called out in the same order on my list. META is ok for about 30 seconds, so if the party wishes to plan a coordinated attack/action, discuss quickly! Spells still take the whole round to cast, no movement that turn. Spell goes off at the beginning of the next initiative, regardless of who wins.

ICRPG Stuff: Most of the ICRPG stuff is usable as a MOD to an existing game. I really enjoy some of the content, most of it GM related, so I will be using some things from there. I’ll list the things here that may affect you, but most of it will really only affect me.

SUPPLY: The biggest change that I’m taking from ICRPG and using is SUPPLY. Basically, it is a system to track all the basic supplies adventurers would have. Examples are bandages, food, water, torches, waterskins, cutlery for eating, tinder and flint, etc. This does not include special supplies like rope, or 10’ poles, tents, bedrolls, etc. It eliminates the need to purchase rations and specifically state that you are purchasing those items covered above, and makes things easier. There is also a system for how much SUPPLY is needed to cross certain areas in Alfheim, and this makes that work really well.

1 SUPPLY = 2Ogp = 1Day/8 PCs. So, 1 SUPPLY is enough for 8 people for 1 day of normal travel. Each PC can carry 5 SUPPLY for free. Anything above 5 will count as a level of encumbrance. Some areas cost 2+ SUPPLY daily, while others are 1/2 SUPPLY daily. I will let you know when it’s appropriate.

Death: At 0hp you are down. Roll 1d6. That is the number of rounds you have before death. Each round, you can roll 1d20. Natural 20 you Pop up with 1hp. Companions can stabilize you with either a successful INT or WIS roll, or by using 1 SUPPLY. This will keep you from dying, but you will be unconscious until you either receive magical healing or naturally heal at least 1hp. If you hit -10hp, you are dead dead, only powerful magic can bring you back.

Recover Action: Use your action in combat to make a CON Check. If successful, Heal 1 + CON mod in hp. Min = 1hp.

Hero Coin: You get one of these each session, and I may hand out more. You can never have more than one. It is used to:

  • Reroll any roll
  • Add 1d12 to any roll
  • You can (and sometimes you should!) give your coin to another player if/when they need it

LOOT: ICRPG is mostly about the LOOT. I really like some of the wacky unique items in there, so look out for some unique spells, items, and other stuff. I will mix in LOOT with leveling, to make it feel more rewarding to keep dungeon delving other than just money gain.


Hail and well met.

I am currently helping a GM-friend of mine running OSE so maybe you can help out. They want to use the optional Class/Race rules, but one of the players wants to roll a Dwarf Ranger. Now the Advanced Player Tome lists classes for each race and the max level they can reach in that class, but ranger isn’t an option due to the fact that dwarves can’t be magical classes.

So the question is this, what would be the max level for a dwarf that really wants to be a ranger? I realize there could be a simple answer we just missed in the book. I only had a few minutes to skim through the book myself and still waiting on my own copy of the tome.

As a side note, I also suggested that If the GM allows the player to be a magical dwarf, he should drop the innate magical resistance of the dwarf.



In the ‘Official’ Basic and Advanced OSE rules Dwarves are not allowed to play Rangers. In the older editions of DnD and AD&D, Demi-Humans(Dwarves, Elves, etc) were either Race as Class or limited in the Classes they could pick. Furthermore, they imposed level limits on them. This was supposed to ‘balance’ them with Human characters, because the only ‘special’ ability of Humans was that they could play any Class to max, or unlimited in some editions, level.

Personally, my groups have never subscribed to this idea other than no Arcane Magic casting for Dwarves. For a Dwarven Ranger I would keep the innate magic resistance and allow them to play a Ranger if they wanted. If a level limit is needed, I would put it at 8-10. Personally, my games almost never went above 6th level anyhow, and the level limit was a moot point.

At the end of the day, you and your GM friend should just come up with something that is agreeable for all players involved. For one, it’s your game and you can play it however you please. And two, if anyone at the table has an issue with this certain player being allowed to break the official rules, then refer them to the golden rule listed in every edition of DnD ever: That being that it is your game, and you can, and should, modify it however you see fit to work at your table.

Cheers and may your rolls be ever high!



Thank you Rodney, I appreciate the advice.

I also explained this to him per AD&D rules. He feels that as a new GM he should follow the rules as closely as possible while being thoughtful towards his players, hence the reason he wants to have a level limit for the dwarf ranger as other races/classes. I think he will feel more confident in his rulings if he sees this post, especially regarding the golden rule. (You know the confirmation from multiple sources makes an argument feel more valid type of thing)

Thanks again.