Origins Game Fair 2020



Origins Game Fair 2020 registration opens today at 1 PM EST. I’m seriously considering submitting an application to run a few ICRPG sessions.

What 2-4 hour one-shot games do you fine folks recommend? Not having actually played any of the six adventures included in the CORE book, are they good candidates? Last Flight of the Red Sword specifically states ~3 hours, but no time estimate is provided for any of the others.



Both Last Flight of the Red Sword and Doomvault have been used at conventions. They are easy to run and the action is fast and furious.


I found that Orvald’s tower makes a great one-shot and is flexible with time with just a few tweaks.


Where is this one? Is it in Magic or Worlds (the two books I don’t own!)?


It’s in MAGIC. Sorry about that :frowning:


Heckoon Caparace would be another great option!


Check out the Heroes of the Hammer supplement in drive thru. I believe those characters were created for convention one shots


Right on. Thanks!

It’s funny how an opportunity like this has me really exploring a bunch of ICRPG content I’ve purchased but haven’t used. XDZ would be great fun for a con game, too! I own it, but have yet to play it! :grin: