[Original Art] The AntiDrake (Black Hole Dragon)



NOTES: English isn’t my first language sorry for any typo or mistakes.
This art is free to use and modify for non-commercial purposes only, print it, cut it, whatever.
A colorized version will be posted “soon” on my Instagram: @damienlindecent

or “Black Hole Dragon”

STATS: exactly as a Black Drake p.101 on ICRPG Core 2.0 except for two changes:

  • ATTACK-BREATH OF FIRE is replaced by ATTACK-BLACK HOLE SUCTION, same effect but “All flammable objects ignite in drake-fire” is changed by: “Every source of light and warmth are extiguished, objects and enemies take cold/negative/dark DOUBLE ULTIMATE damage on CON fail. The AntiDrake heals 1D12 HP.” The AntiDrake shine brightly making it EASY to hit - .
  • TRANSFERENCE: the AntiDrake won’t be able to use ATTACK-BLACK HOLE SUCTION again before performing a TRANSFERENCE. The light accumulated in his body dim and go back to normal, making it no more EASY to hit from now on.

While dragons are famous for their terrible breaths of various kind, AntiDrakes are known for their incredible INHALATION.

With a power akind of that of a Black Hole, they can draw through their open jaws every photon and thermic energy in a FAR range.

Their appearance is that of a shadowy dragon figure highlighted from the inside by a glowing white circulatory system.

AntiDrakes origins are debatable. Some says they’re somehow born in the Negative/Mirror/Shadow Plane due to some cosmic imbalance, while some considerate (or even worship them!) as individual spirits of Black Holes.

A careful examination show they’re not “evil” per se, but seems to be driven by some kind of amoral cosmic mission related to acquisition of knowledge through fair exchanges, or, more generally, via pure consummation of matter/energy, which often requires inhaling and disintegrating living (intelligent) beings.

BLACK HOLE SUCTION: can’t be used again unless a TRANSFERENCE is made (see ACTIONS above).

ANTIMATTER BODY: Negative/Mirror/Death/Shadow/Antimatter weapons deal regular damage.
Positive/Sun/Light/Holy/Energy weapons deal half damage.
All other kind of weapon, tools or elemental types (Fire, Cold, Poison, etc.) are simply ineffective.

DISTORTIVE BANISHMENT: a sudden strong display of Positive/Sun/Light/Holy/Energy at once, equivalent of a Sun or a Full Moon (appreciation of the GM) will instantly banish the AntiDrake for 1D4 ROUNDS, after what it will return again, healed for 1D8 HP, and on the best tactical position possible (they fly too of course!).

TRUCE: in the unlikely event that it faces stronger opponents than itself (when it’s at 1 or 2 hearts left, or when estimating the strength of its adversaries), an AntiDrake will cease to fight and propose a fair exchange of knowledge (Spells, cosmic secrets, etc.), or even a single drop of its blood.

COSMIC PLASMA: one single drop of an AntiDrake, if preserved in an appropriate recipient, will display a bright white light virtually and could provide electrical energy for an entire city, FOREVER. Giving it to someone at 0 HP will instantly raise back this character with DOUBLE HP and +5 ALL STATS for 1 WEEK.

OTHER NOTES: I’d love to have feedback on how and if you introduce this creature to your games. I think it could fit well in Alfheim and Warp Shell.
I got the idea while trying to blow out a candle from a distance. “Come on Dragon!” said my girlfriend (Dragon is the sweetname she calls me).
I instantly thought of a Dragon which breath would not project light and power, but would absorb them.
I’m quite sure that the idea may already exists, but I wanted to create and draw this idea before looking out.
Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Wow! The art, the abilities - it’s all very well put together!

Take a Hero Coin! :herocoin:


I need THIS when I’ma run my Final Fantasy Hack!!! Gods!!
I love that you put in the names for the same but different Elements, that is why I came to think of my Final Fantasy.