Orange County, CA


Hello! I (and possibly my girlfriend) are looking to start a new group or join an existing one. I prefer GMing, though I’m happy to do whatever the group needs. I don’t know ICRPG, though I have the book and am excited about it. I also have my own designs I’d like to kick around, or just play whatever we decide as a group. Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon to workout the details (online for now, then face to face when we’ve all been all shot up).


If you guys play on Friday or Saturday, I’m willing to join for online play! :smiley:


Good chatting with you @BlazingPolyhedron.

Currently, we’re discussing a biweekly Friday or Saturday online game, if 1 or 2 more people want to jump in.


Why haven’t you added me on Discord? :3