OPERATION: Blood Orange (Black Light)



One week ago former Black Light Agent Michael Grant stopped checking in with Control. Last night he and his wife were brutally murdered in their home and their two children are missing (10YO male, 9MO female). You have been activated by Black Light and pulled from the quiet embrace of your civilian life. You are tasked with looking into the crime to determine if there was unnatural involvement and, if so, contain it. You must also recover any unnatural artifacts Grant may still have had in his possession.

You can view the original version of the ruleset, however we will be running/playtesting the most current version.

Handler’s Note: There is subject matter in this Operation that some may find disturbing on a number of different levels. Please RSVP understanding these expectations. You’ve been warned.

You can RSVP your seat at the table by clicking on the Going tab above. Expect the game to last approximately 4 hours.


dang my work scheduling!!! i found out today i’m not working at that time so if you have a player who has an emergency please let me know mark, would love to get in on this


Will do, man. If not this game, then the next one.


Is there a chance that you might be doing a game at EU friendly time at some point? I really wanna try this. :beer:


Yeah, man. I’ve tried to spread times around to accommodate but realize I’ve still not hit the euro sweet spot.