OPERATION: Blood Orange (A Game of Investigation & Horror)



Getting both is best, if getting one, get the pdf, print it as needed. Put it in a binder, whatever.

The PDF gets updated if it needs to be updated. @Runehammer committed to keep the core book to one purchase (to his folly, other than the loyalty he earns over the long haul). So, if and when a 2.5 or 3rd edition comes out, and you purchased the second edition…it will just be updated in your drive through rpg library.

The printed page can’t work that way. But there are print on demand services that would allow you to print it in a good edge to edge format at a higher cost.

(I looked for the threads about it have been removed, but I did find hundreds of cool posts)

Get the pdf, print it off as cheaply as possible to have in hand…then decide the route to take.


Ok, getting in the mood for this;-p


File cabinet and contents found in a self-storage unit located outside of town. The renter always came in and paid with cash, he stopped paying three months ago, his phone number is disconnected, and upon further research the person does not actually exist.


Looks like a very interesting game. I wish I had seen it earlier before it filled up. I will have to catch you next time.



We probably need to start trying to run more VTT games using this site as a clearinghouse. A bunch of one shot type things. Perhaps even run the same adventure a few times with different players…

There is merit in that.


I’d love to play with you in a future game, Chuck. :metal:t3:


It’s been over five years since I ran a split in person and VTT with 7 players. Might need to revisit just 4 players one medium.


I would be really into doing a one shot or two on this. I lurk on the regular but haven’t had the chance to play for real yet.


That’d be great to get you into a game. I’ll run this one again in the near future I think.


I’m interested to see how it with free tools, if it works out well, I might try hosting quasi one shots…all comes down to seeing the flow electronically, I only ever played hybrid.


If you got room for one more I am in.


Thanks, man. I’m going to hold at current group size but will definitely run another game since there’s been alot of interest.


Please put me on the list for next game


This looks awesome. To bad i live on th other side of the pond…


I’m not sure what the time differences are but if you can’t make one of the games rest assured I will be posting this scenario so folks can grab it and run it in a more favorable timezone.


I’m six hours ahead of eastern standard, so unless it’s played in the earlier hours it’s probably going to be too late for me :blush:


I’m really excited to hear about how this goes.