OPERATION: Blood Orange (A Game of Investigation & Horror)



One week ago former Black Light Agent Michael Grant stopped checking in with Control. Last night he and his wife were brutally murdered in their home and their two children are missing (10YO male, 9MO female). You have been activated by Black Light and pulled from the quiet embrace of your civilian life. You are tasked with looking into the crime to determine if there was unnatural involvement and, if so, contain it. You will also recover any unnatural artifacts Grant may still have had in his possession.

We will be using the most recent version of the Black Light campaign setting available here.

Handler’s Note: There is subject matter in this operation that some may find disturbing. You’ve been warned.

Warning about difficult subject matters

Duuuuuuude. PLEASE SIGN ME UP.

That looks like a Sunday night at 6pm Central for me.

Let me know what I need to have set up tech wise.

Also if I should prep a character or there will be pre-gens.


Excellent! You can sign up by clicking the + tab next to the date under the post title.

I planning on using Roll20 with Discord


I haven’t used Roll20 in over 5 years…any decent primer videos?

And do I need to set up a camera, or do we prefer to do this without seeing my beautiful mug.


No camera necessary. Your ugly Avatar will do just fine.

I’m not sure about primer videos, but it’s simple enougho figure out the basics if you just start punching keys. If a lump like me could do it…

But, someone else might be able to point to a video.


The + adds it to your personal event calendar… the Checkmark that says going adds it to the count here on the forum, please verify it is not full yet on google calendar or some-such.


Thanks for clarifying that. I see you on the GOING list


I clicked on the “going list.” Hopefully that means I am “in.”


Yes sir. You’ve been added.

Filled up far faster than I thought lol. I have 3 weeks thinking it’d take time. But, this gives us plenty of time to pre-game on Discord. Thank you all very much. I’m looking forward to our game.




Man, that looks so good. Incredible cover by @Kindred

So tell me, @Lon, have you seen the yellow sign? MADNESS


Great interest post, man! This filled up super fast! Have a great game folks! :metal::grin::+1:


A man in a yellow mask has followed me ever since that awful play. He’s silent. Stares. I think he knows I gave the show a bad Yelp review…


This looks so cool! Have to try to catch it next time if total noobs to both Roll 20 and ICRPG are allowe and the time zones make it possible. Is it connected to the video game Control in any way?


I don’t know much about video games so I’m not sure what Control is based upon. Black Light, however, is an ICRPG conversion of the game Delta Green - a modern Call of Cthulhu, X-Files setting.

And have no worries about being new to either Roll20 or ICRPG. We’re all here to help and to have fun.


Cool! Haven’t actually play Control my self, but I have read a bit and saw something on YT.
This is from Wikipedia: Control is an action - adventure video game. The game revolves around the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secret U.S. government agency tasked with containing and studying phenomena which violate the laws of reality.


Yeah, that’s pretty much the setting. The characters are sleeper agents for a shadow group within the government trashed with just that - investigating and containing unnatural.


Nice! Got to get ICRPG so I can try it and this on my players.


The GM chapter alone is worth the price of the book. ICRPG has completely changed my view of what a role playing game should be, regardless of the system or mechanics.


I really want to get in in hardback so I have to see if i can justify the shipping. If notI’ll just get the PDFs