One shot with a birthday theme


Next week we play our usual table top game and the entire group will attend so the story will proceed as per normal however the weekend following is a camping trip for the long weekend. It’s a group campout I attend yearly so lots of folks. I have convinced the players to attend but one of them may not make it. He won’t know until that day and he might just drive 2 hrs to join us then drive home that night possibly. We hope he can make it because one of our lady players is having her 40th birthday that weekend so we are going to do a one shot while camping on one of the nights in their rv. But… we might be missing one as mentioned.

All that said… if he makes it… the story can continue. If he doesn’t… perhaps I need to do a one shot that is not related to the ongoing game… maybe all but him wake up in a tournament or some crazy idea.

What I’m hoping to get from you guys is some idea’s for a one shot for that night that might be a great fit for her birthday or for camping or for both. I can build on your idea(s) that you toss out to me. I’m thinking her character is celebrating her birthday? They are camping around the fire and something happens? They are currently staying at an inn the past few months while all kinds of crazy keeps happening in the town they are visiting. Maybe something more happens? I did a xmas themed one shot when we played a week before xmas and they loved it. Last yr I did a thanksgiving themed one shot on thanksgiving for them and again it was well rec’d. I’m hoping to find that same success but havent figured out an event to take place just yet.

Okay lumpheads… let’s hear what your noggins got in them besides all that fog from drinking so much ale. :slight_smile:


I’m a big fan of the Funnel.


When i did something similar for a friend, i had them go on a quest that lead them to a wizard (with baking supplies) and there was some pinata monsters (that when dealt damage, i dumped a handful of candy on the table). There was a big boss of the pinata monsters named “Papa Mache”. The quest took them to a underground lava lake named ‘Whirlpool’ that had balloon monsters (eye beasts that looked like balloons, that when popped would fly around the room…like a deflating balloon). They baked the magic ‘cake’ over this lava lake then rushed to the castle and fed the prince and sang him a song…yeah, that song. Hope this helps.


Define “the funnel” would you?


Hilarious but just a hair too corny for this group. Very creative though. Well done



a funnel is all at low to no stats? Odd use of the word.

Players will be using their characters as is. It’s the story I’m looking for. Idea’s on that