One-shot/Short Campaign - In the Bleak Midwinter



The Order of the Seven Boughs, by charter of a distance monarch, maintains the King’s Peace in the Mark. But it is Winter, and they have cloistered in barracks nestled in the Criar mountains. During these times, only the Free Companies employed by the Order remain. Each Company is by extension sworn to uphold the royal charter. To represent their authority, each Company member carries a wooden rod as long as an arm and as thick as a thumb. These rods harvested from the boughs of one of the seven tree species of the Criar Mountains are prayed over by the Speakers of the Order.

You are members of one such Free Company: The Resolutes. The Resolutes’ rods are made from the sturdy branches of a mighty white oak. Your commander has sent you to winter in the small village of Sull. Even during the dead of winter, the hunch-backed goblins raid across the River Torrent, and ravenous monsters prey on livestock and villagers without discretion.

You arrive days before the first snows and prepare yourselves for short days marked by steaming bone broth and mulled wine at the only two-story building in town, the Inn. Villagers distrust Free Companies almost as much as those who practice the Rare Art. Their distrust is well-earned. Free Companies often abuse their privileges and empty their stores. There is a saying the villages of the Mark, "Lean Springs are Winter guests."

If you are interested in playing, respond answering the below questions.

  1. What useful prayer is imbued in your Rod of the Order?
  2. How long have you been with the Resolutes?
  3. What is your Alias? (Butcher, Fish, One-eye, etc.)

EDIT: Time zone is EST (GMT-5)


Got two looking for 1-2 more!