ONE-PAGE PDFs with Rules, Loot, and Stuff (WIP/Community Effort)



Please do! That sounds amazing!


Updated and some minor mistakes on the PDFs corrected.


Hey, all

Since both @Renigade16 and @fracomi reached out asking about a template, I decided to try to create one. I did it on Word 2007 so be warned that results may vary if you use it (and I’m available to help if anyone wants).

I’ll be adding it to the drive, but here’s the summary.

Fonts used: Berlin Sans FB, Coco, Calibri
Paper size: A5
Margins: 1,2cm on all sides
When you set up two columns, each column is 6 cm wide, with 0,4 cm of space between them.

The background image is a page from ICRPG core without any of the text. Hank made this page available here in one of his adventure templates, but I’m missing the link. I simply set it as background image (watermark), at 22% size.

Here’s the link to the template. It’s on the same drive as the PDFs


Hey thank you! Sorry for the late reply.
Appreciate the work!
I’ll check out the template and see what I can do tonight.


You may want to ask permission to use the authors content posted here. There has been some issues in the past with compiling peoples posts into one document… permission and by lines are important to some people. We must respect their ideas as much as they respect ours.


No problem, man. Have fun with the template.

Thanks for the heads up, man! I’m not compiling or publishing anything by myself, if people want to contribute and have something saved here in this format they’ll have to send it in by themselves, it with a clear written permission. But so far no one sent anything… Everything in the drive right now was written by me.


I saw this and knew immediately what I wanted to add to these One-Page things! I used the template to show off my house-rule for Deals with the Devil (for Ghost Mountain, but you could use this concept for every setting really). I encountered this rule from Scum and Villainy (BlackHatGames) and have modified it to fit with this ruleset - my players love/hate it. How can I add it to your list?


Decided to just go ahead and host it up on my Google Drive, but you’re welcome to re-use or upload it to any collection.

I really like being able to tempt my players into short-term benefit situations for long-term costs that they can enjoy the experience of overcoming. Sometimes the poor sots even think they’re pulling one over on the Devil. Adorable.


DAMN that one is cool! Any very bold and optimistic of you taking the #666 spot ahahah :smile:

Thanks, man, I’ll do it :smiley:

Btw, I noticed there’s no page number. If you have the .doc original and if you wish I can help with that too.


Great work putting this all together @P_Frota

Heres a link to my Enemy Tags if you would like to add it to the list.


The reason it did not work is the request for everyones permission was a nightmare. So I decided not to share the work. Hankerin recommended I get it before posting it in a “compilation” … there is a ton of home brew and hacks for ICRPG posted in the forums… you just gotta look.

Game On!


Oh, man, what a bummer :confused: Well, for these pages I’m not collecting anything… If anyone wants to submit something, it would be great. If not, that’s ok.

Thanks, man! I put your stuff in the standard layout, hope you like it. Let me know if you want me to change anything.


It seems I can’t edit the original post anymore :sweat_smile: So I’ll post the updates here:

#008… ADVENTURE: DEATH OF THE SNOW QUEEN (adventure layout where the heroes face the dreaded Snow Queen and the shards of her Magic Mirror)
#033… SANTA CLAUS (adventure ideas and the rules to use him as a winter Angel from ICRPG Magic.)
#034… KRAMPUS (Just in time for the holidays, inspired by the Dungeon Craft video.)

You can find the link to all one-pagers on the first post. Happy gaming!


can these work as a Game Master’s screen?


Hey, man. I’m pretty sure they could, but I don’t have the necessary skills to pull it off. But how would you do it? Just spread a few pages over the screen or did you have something else in mind?


i would use the game screen from Hexer


That’s a neat idea. There are lots of tutorials for making your own GM screen which even seems possible for someone all thumbs like me. :smiley:
I find this one very achievable:


Well, this is neat. The One-Pages are formatted to the A5 size, while the screen uses the bigger A4 size, meaning you could fit two ‘one-pagers’ into each screen slot. But, on the other hand, there’s nothing stopping you from printing these in A4 size… they may lose a bit of resolution but will certainly still be readable.


Joining the party with my own little contribution! A little framework to give flashbacks some mechanics as they relate to heists and other such jobs.


THANK YOU, that looks great! Can I add it to the drive? And do you mind sharing the original word doc with me so I can add background art and the “30” to the bottom of the page? (If you wish, if not that’s ok)