On a quest to find a great Dungeon crawl fully build for ICRPG!



Chaologic brings up a really great point here.
I think that this community is a very specific subset of role playing at large. That is to say, Runehammer ‘lumpy heads’ tend to be doers… weekly players in the hobby neck deep… when I see a ton of published things, like in the Mork Borg community, it’s fun and cool, but also has a vibe of armchair or vicarious play.

As someone who GM’s two games weekly, there’s little time for publishing! And I’m in this full time!

To be brutally honest, the concept of a ‘fully realized’ piece of playable content is, to me, anathema to the hobby’s essence. I’ve been very vocal about that, so the folks here are likely busy in their journals moreso than in Affinity Publisher.



Agreed. Hell I just hacked my own published game apart and merged in new pieces from many places to start a new sandbox game in a homebrew world of mine.

Sometimes modules are fun, but I much prefer to write my own stuff based on what the players are into, especially for fantasy games.

Keep doing what ya do B!


Let’s agree to absolutely disagree. :blush: :beers:


This sat with me a few minutes, and this is why I keep coming back to ICRPG: the actual doers.

I’ve gotten to play more games online with Runehammer folks than any other games, and that’s because they’re more concerned with doing the damn thing rather than talk about it. That’s valuable, and a testament to the kind of fan-base there is here.

With that in mind, I’d offer there are already kinds of tools for the doer that needs help with prep:
As much as those can be something to just look over, a real thematic and dynamic one can really help set the scene.
Runehammer work is rife with good, thematic tables, and a few sources that come to mind specifically is Blood and Snow, and Viking Death Squad. Even the whole Think Deck!
I don’t think they can replace prep, but boy do they ever get the brain racing.


The summary email brought me back here.

Sorry but… this is not what the author of this post is looking for. He’s looking for whole dungeons for ICRPG, not pieces of stuff to do by yourself.


Don’t know if this might interest you, but at least is a useful tool for dungeon creation.




Whoa! I’m totally late to the party here…How did I miss this??

There are so many good points made in this thread that resonate with me, this is a good topic. I have had this growing interest in producing content for ICRPG but have been unsure how to tackle it, or even what exactly to produce given the sheer amount of work involved. I fit into the category of “weekly lumpy headed game prepper” and have devoted extra time to creating VTT tokens, so there is not much extra space to take on big projects like producing a “full built” adventure. In addition to this I have never used modules or pre-made adventures for my own games because I find them creatively uninspiring, especially those that get into granular details (these are also terrible as a player in my opinion). However, I have found the adventure primers in the ICRPG books to be interesting jumping off points and have chopped small bits and pieces from them for some of the sessions I have run.

Without getting into a long rant I feel that this thread was good to read through as it has helped solidify how I might approach content for ICRPG in a structural sense. I see myself producing small supplements that could be used to set the stage for GM’s to create their own adventure from. I will keep thinking on this and hopefully you good folks will see something from me along these lines.



For non-patrons, Runehammer just added Finigan’s Pride to the Runehammer Shop here: https://www.runehammer.online/online-store/The-Last-Voyage-of-Finigans-Pride-p517489008

Just as an update, @Runehammer just dropped THE LAST VOYAGE OF FINNIGAN’S PRIDE over on Patreon. It’s a complete introductory adventure module inspired by Last Flight of the Red Sword, but done in a Fantasy setting. Check it out! It’s awesome :smiley: