Nov 21 or 25 One Shot


Looking to run a one shot either Wednesday, Nov 21 at 9 PM EST or Sunday, Nov 25 at 12 PM (-5 UTC). We will be using Roll20 for the game.

It will be set in a modern setting using any combination of the Alfheim or Warp Shell Bio-Forms, Classes, or Weapons for your character creation. The idea is the group is part of an organization similar to The B.P.R.D. (Hellboy) with a splash of M.I.B. and a zest of Delta Green. So if your Bio-Form is other than Human/Geno you can expect to have been hidden from most of society by the Paranormal Extraterrestrial Research and Defense Unit or PERDU .

Character Creation Notes

  • If you do go with a Bio-Form other than a Human/Geno you can decide if that Bio-Form has always been on Earth just hidden away or from the stars.
  • Homebrew is welcomed just let me know what you want to play and we can talk about it.


i would love to play in the wednesday game. but i dont get off work till 5pm pacific time. in Oregon. if you could push that time back 30 mins then i can make it.


I’ll push it back an hour just in case you run into any problems and you aren’t rushed.

New time 9 PM EST (-5 UTC)


This is ththe Sentinel created by Kevin Goltz. It was posted on (icrpg Google plus).

I am interested in this as a modern day street fighter. Thoughts?


if that class doesn’t work i can use this guy


The Sentinel will be ok.


awesome. i will write one up


Here is My guy, please read him over to make sure everything is ok.

Name: Zion
Class: Sentinel (Path of the Nomad)
Bio-Form: Geno ( +2 points any two stats )

Stats: 6 points +2 Geno = 8

Armor: ( 1 )B( 0 ) L:( 1 ) + (+2,Spirit Mode only)

Str: ( 2 ) B:( 1 ) L:( 1 )
Dex:( 2 ) B:( 2 ) L:( )
Con:( 2 ) B:( 2 ) L:( )
Wis: ( 0 ) B:( ) L:( )
Int: ( 0 ) B:( ) L:( )
Cha: ( 0 ) B:( ) L:( )

BW: ( 1 )B:( 1 ) L:( )
WD: ( 2 )B:( 2 ) L:( )
ME: ( 0 )B:( ) L:( )
ULT:( 0 )B: ( ) L:( )

Ring of Might ( +1 Str )
Fighter’s Gloves ( Counts as Unarmed,Does Weapon Damage )
Shurikens ( 4 count, Thrown )
Sling ( Far, Invisible, Free, Merciful )
Common Armor ( +1 Armor )
Supplies Pack (Food, Fire Starter, 3 Flares )
Pouch of 50 Gold

Starter Reward:
Sentinel Power: Spirit Mode ( unlock your spirit energy , Invigorating your body with Unnatural Strength and Speed for 4 rounds).

  1. Roll Double Weapon Damage and Basic Effort
  2. Move up to Far and still take an Action
  3. +2 armor
  4. Must follow Spirit Exhaustion Rules Below

Spirit Exhaustion Rules:

Whenever Spirit Mode Ends Roll: 1d4

  1. Your body is exhausted, All rolls are HARD until Healed
  2. Your Reflexes are slowed, LOSE your next Action
  3. Your Muscles ache, LOSE 1 HP
  4. The Spirit Mode expires normally, No Side Effects


If you still need someone, I could make Wednesday night since I’ll be off for thanksgiving. Normally I would have to wake up at 4:30 am central time for work.


Yeah there is still room!


Awesome! I’ll make up a character tonight and let you know.


Name: Driss
Class: Titan
Bio: Reptoid

Story: Zurin warrior early on his War Path (Like a walkabout) to become a Master

Str: (3) B:(3) L:(0)
Dex: (1) B:(1) L:(0)
Con: (1) B:(1) L:(0)
Wis: (0) B:(0) L:(0)
Int: (0) B:(0) L:(0)
Cha: (0) B:(0) L:(0)

Armor: 11

BE: (0) B:(0) L:(0)
WE: (4) B:(2) L:(2)
ME: (0) B:(0) L:(0)
ULT: (0) B:(0) L:(0)

Race: +1 DEX, Heatvision, Use any surface as walkable

Starter: Drain-Star (For each 5 Damage you deal, heal 1 Hit Point)

-weapon kit (+2 WE)
-Common Armor (+1 Armor)
-Supply Pack ( Food, Fire Starters, 3 Flares)
-Tools, Smithing (+3 Variable)
-DURANIUM GREAT SWORD: Weapon of Titans. Huge, Intimidating, Heavy
-IMPERVIUM SHIELD: Heavy, Large, Durable, Thrown, Low-tech
-DURANIUM BLADE: A wonder of metallurgy. Elegant, large, durable


does he duel wield those swords or is one a back up?


He switches between two handed and short sword/shield.


Do you want me to see if one of my players are free for tonight if we don’t have enough?


I will run it if it is just the two of you, but yeah if you know a couple more people that would like to play invite them!


the more the merrier.


that was a Great game, cant wait to play again :herocoin:


Glad yall liked it. I’ll start thinking of a second mission for yall.


Dude what a great game! Me and Ben had a fantastic time. Keep up the good work, you did an awesome job DMing. As for myself it was nice to step away from the DM seat and see from a players perspective again. Makes me want to jump back in and make some badass content for my players. Again thank you for hosting the game.