NOTION, the online notebook that ROCKS!



I use Notion, and never thought of using it in this way. It’s great!


I know right!?! … as soon as I found I could import PDF’s and share them publicly privately and with groups, I started posting the Wiki for the campaign I have played for years, Character Journals, Character Sheet PDF’s for archiving… entire World Primers to share with my players… my brain has been on fire the last few days when I realized how useful it could be… I signed up and have not looked back since!

Game On!


It’s not ICRPG related yet but I spent a bunch of time with Notion and set up a page for out ALIEN game group.
I think it looks quite nice, look at it in dark mode though.

Only thing I haven’t quite figured out: How to collaborate? And how can I save on Blocks. I have already used 30% for this and haven’t ported the old logs over. If I do that it’s going to get worse. It’s probably going to become an issue soon as I have not even finished with the characters or locations and there is much more to be added. As I understand if I go for the smallest paid version I can’t share anymore.


thanks for sharing this! i was just messing with trello this past week and this is much better!


Really cool formatting! I love the way you use the page icons.

It’s been a while since I looked over the price model, but if I remember correctly, you just can’t collaborate with others on the smallest subscription. That means inviting registered users into your space. I have a hard time believing they would remove the link share feature.

As for Block saving, you could try ctrl+enter paragraphs of text to decrease the blocks used. But from what I can see, there isn’t that much you can condense this way here. Just remember that if you do that, you won’t be able to move those sections as separate blocks anymore.

Another thing you can do, is to enter everything through the mobile, since the block limit doesn’t apply from there. Then you can edit and move things on the desktop, but won’t be able to add new things if the limit has been reached. So that’s kind of a hassle.


Thank you! I try to make it all look coherent with the Notion colors. Re the mobile app, that’s interesting and something to remember. Sadly I need collaboration so everyone in the group can create logs of sessions and track XP and the like. Maybe I need to spin the logs off into their own workspace but then I can’t link between the Logs and the data anymore.

But 40 bucks for a group of 5 is just too much.


norton help and support says you can add guests to pages for free.
Help … adding guests


smallest paid version still allows you to add guests to pages and any subpage for free…


Thanks @Ezzerharden, I’ll try that! I also read you may be able to use table views instead of tables to save blocks. Have your tables in one Work Space and use a view in the other. The view only counts as one block. Will have to verify this later.


I just tried this and it works well. Sprung for a year, it’s great and I am starting to build it up for my personal stuff too. Thank you for sharing this, I am amazed now that it “clicked”.


I’m on the smallest paid version ($4/month) and it works fine. Unless you’re using it for work or something similar, I can’t see the need to go highter.


Would love to see your notebook when you have had some time with it… just to see what and how you are doing it.

Same goes for you @ChuckDee and @Cherique

Game On!


I have done several things.

The page for my main game. Only one session in so not much going on yet.

Did a compendium template for Beyond the Wall too.

Just started on a page for a new campaign we are running on the European Discord too, but there isn’t much there there yet.


Well, for now my GM notes are still in the works on Notion.

I’ve used it a lot, but mostly for all kinds of other things such as tracking all my OCs, hobby ideas, story ideas (and outlines). Will show when it grows more meat to its bones, though!!


They just updated the personal plan to be free of charge! Which is fantastic!


I know right!.. I saw that yesterday and I was pleasently surprised.

I am curious to see how everyone else is using Notion… @Chaosmeister how goes your notion experiment?.. mine has grown to 2 databases and growing… I may have to start a third…

Game On!


Question for anyone who has any experience with it: Are there any benefits to using the computer app version over the web version?


Not really. I find the Computer App a bit more responsive but afaik they are functionally the same.

It works great. I am not into Databases much but mostly just do tables and such and it works well enough for my needs.


Thanks mate. Appreciate it.