Not Your Time




Who 2-4 Players
What Shaoyun Beta Playtest
When January 6th @ 6pm Pacific
Where Roll20
Why helping out our community is what we do, plus the Beta looks dope!

“Cheorisu, also called the City on the Edge, is a mountain city that you once trained at with Master Ryuk the Black Spear of the Dancing Crane School. During your time in the city, you became good friends with the young master. Word has reached you that the Black Spear has passed away in a recent attack on the city from the hungry dead. The city has been cleared, and you have each received an invitation to attend the Master’s funeral.” -from the Shaoyun Beta material


im still down for the 6th. ill read up on this


Chris from @DropDice posted a link for the beta rules. It’s so good and packed with awesome content.


yeah i just read some of it. is it me or did we kind of make something like this earlier today. #Kungfu