Non-ICRPG games you groove on


If by “main thing i love”, you mean all of the stats and equipment and SDC and MDC counting… uh… yeah, NO. I dont miss that…

as for ICRPG RIFTS… look here…

Its an incomplete work in progress but it has all the halmarks of RIFTS at its heart… if you want to add to it, I am all ears! I could use all the help I can get to get that world primer finished… even half way would be an accomplishment!

ICRPG World Primer: RIFTS (W.I.P.)


@Ezzerharden i have seen this before :grinning:. and there are a few unfinished gaps. but those can be filled :wink:. but for me it is missing the one key element that would make it perfect for me :pensive:. super powers: heroes unlimited. i want mutants and super heroes, vigilantes. the works :smiling_imp:. @Runehammer and @Alex had posted once before about a superhero game

i am waiting for the day this drops :pray:. i will be happy to run something hero or villain related. my time is coming. lol :sunglasses: and i will run my heroes game much like Hank does " like a big old bad ass.":skull_and_crossbones:


Coriolis - The Third Horizon [recently, few-shot]: This became my absolute favorite SciFi-RPG (sorry Warpshell). Great ruleset, awesome setting, prime artwork.

The One Ring [recently, one-shot]: In my opinion the best incarnation of Tolkiens world as a RPG-Setting, hands down.

Symbaroum [recently, one-shot]: The setting is great, the artwork is magnificent, and the how it deals with magic (including a kick ass list of spells) - nice.

Der Sprawl [jazzed about]: It is the german translation of “The Sprawl”. It arrives here a long while ago, but still haven’t had a chance to play a game of PbtA-Cyberpunk…


Started playing when my friends and I just couldn’t groove on D&D 4th Edition. However, we don’t play it as much anymore with ICRPG now moving in as our staple game. We still enjoy Pathfinder every now and then, but with our limited play time ICRPG allows us to do so much more with our available time. We’re curious to see how Pathfinder 2 plays out and if it might help streamline game play.

Maze Rats :rat:
In another preivious post (Knave with ICRPG INDEX CARD RPG Resources Knave with ICRPG), @Kreeba brought up Ben Milton’s (aka QuestingBeast) “Knave” RPG. However, when I discovered his other RPG “Maze Rats” I was intrigued. We started playing with it and now it’s our go-to on-the-spot RPG when we just want to play something “RIGHT NOW” with absolutely no prep (lots of awesome random table rolls to help create a random adventure). We’ve also used it to help generate some adventure ideas, places, and NPCs for ICRPG.

Risus: The Anything RPG” is and was (well before Maze Rats) our go-to mini adventure/story RPG. Super rules lite, free, and just super fun to play. We use it for our more comical “too many beers with too few pretzels” nights where we want a lighthearted romp through the Fire Swamp or a stop over at Gus’ Galaxy Grill space diner (just don’t eat the Space Special :alien: ).


The Black Hack - Specifically Graham Spearing’s spin on it, Heroic Fantasy. It’s a great all-in-one fantasy RPG based on the first edition of the Black Hack. More classes, more races, more stuff, and well-written

OpenQuest 2 by Newt Newport. Think of it as RuneQuest Light.

Rocket Age by Ken Spencer. Pulp sci-fi done right. I’m not sold on the game engine but the setting is fantastic and quite detailed. A 5e version is in the works.


If I ever get the time I want to convert Winter Eternal to ICRPG. Hopefully later this year.