NoEXP: : Rouges of the Borrow Maize


This is a Comedy game that takes place in a parody of MMORPG-like world. It is based on my comic: , and It will be run in an attempt to get inspiration for the next episodes, and also as a testing ground for custom setting and ruleset for ICRPG.

The story starts something like this:

Just another day for a group of fresh adventurers in nicely pixelated Newbie Town, somewhere deep in World of Questria. It is time to brandish your freshly looted +2 Sword of PWNage and your Wand of Speed Glitch ( don’t forget to bring those boots of Wall Clipping ). Carefully avoid GMs and those pesky PKs, and head towards that great DLC dungeon: The Borrow Maize ™. Everyone says some mad OP loot awaits there. But first, you need to figure how to open that bugged door, before its removed in the upcoming patch…


This is pretty awesome. Really dig your art throughout! Couldn’t find the pizza’s!


Thank you so very much :hugs:


Hate I can’t make it but just read some of NoEXP and it’s great!! I’ll be sure to finish it and hopefully make the next game.


Oh, wow :smiley: Thank you :star_struck:


Really interesting and great cohesive look you are developing!
I have a soft spot for pixel art, and I think your pairing is really awesome!.


Thanks ! I am working now on pumping new episodes. Really glad somebody out there likes it :hugs:


Sounds badass! Is it too late to join for tomorrow’s game?


We moved the game to Thursday, Aug 15th. If that time is fine with you, i will gladly send you invite :slight_smile:


Will it be at the same time? If so, count me in!


If this wasn’t 2AM for me, I would totally join to have that comic continue!
You have out down alot of amazing work on your pixel art. Amazing!


So much thanks !

The comic will continue :star_struck:
It was on long hiatus ( thats why there is just 12 pages ) due…well, life. But I never gave up, and am now dedicated to start again. ( Again thanks for all your kind words, that helps a lot :hugs: )


Is there still a place for one noob in the tomorrow’s game?


Are Still needing PC’s?